Photo: At 24, Alvin Singh is the youngest candidate in this year’s municipal campaign. He is running for School Trustee. 

In a political landscape dominated by cigar-chomping men plotting strategy in corporate backrooms, COPE’s 2008 election campaign will be co-managed by a woman – and one under 30.  It will be a first for any major Vancouver civic party.

Rachel Marcuse
and long-time organizer Ivan Bulic will co-manage COPE’s campaign.

“When I moved back to Vancouver after four years at McGill, I was astounded at the changes,” said Marcuse. “Young working people can’t afford to live here, and I realized we need to bring progressive government back to Vancouver. COPE has worked hard for issues that are important to young people – affordable housing, transit, environment and preserving strong, diverse neighbourhoods.”

With a background in non-profit management, Marcuse has been working for COPE since 2006. Bulic has been involved in elections and campaigns since the 1970s, and has been COPE’s main organizer since 2005.

The COPE campaign will include the usual lawn signs, ads and door-knocking. But Marcuse also plans to use Facebook, Youtube, streaming video and mobile texting that speak to youth and are revolutionizing campaigns like those of US democratic hopeful Obama.

COPE’s campaign promises to deliver a few surprises and plenty of innovations.



選舉活動的運籌帷幄向來由男性所主導,但是,COPE 2008年競選活動將由一位不到三十歲的女性共同參與,這是創溫哥華市所有主要政黨的首例。

COPE的選務活動將由瑪裘斯(Rachel Marcuse)和布力克(Ivan Bulic)共同負責。





COPE Campaign to Focus on Youth and New Media 選務將利用新興媒體造勢,鎖定年輕族群