Present: Gwen, Connie (Co-Chair), John Y., Rider (Co-Chair), Carol, Riaz, Wendy, Meena, John A. (recorder), Linda, Sam, Aiden, Tristan, Sara

– Call to Order: 7:04PM

– Territory Acknowledgement: Connie

– Adoption of Agenda for Campaign Committee Meeting: MSC

– Adoption of Campaign Committee Meeting Minutes July 5 2018: MSC


HR report: Contract signed Tristan Markel; J. Rosenblum to make two full time positions – Fundraising Riaz ($200K needed); Outreach Sara

Make Sara’s and Riaz’s jobs full time


Motion Wendy, Carol Seconded: Include $2K extra for three full time positions for a month; the third position, primarily fundraiser, would work with communications and outreach positions. Carried, Abstain 1


Wendy Motion, Seconded Rider: To hire Sara Sagaii full time as outreach coordinator for one month. Carried, Against 2


John Motion, Seconded Rider: That Riaz be hired full time for one month and be given duties commensurate with his skill sets and his desire to accept new work, hopefully primarily fundraising, as the Campaign Committee requires. Carried, Abstain 2


Debrief on weekend with Jonathan; Should we bring him up to assist with July 17 meeting? TBA


New Business


  1. a) John motion Second Carol: That Beverly Ho, Maddy Andrews, and, Ishmam Bhuiyan be added to COPE’s Campaign Committee with full voice and vote. Carried


  1. b) John Motion Wendy Seconded: Further, that all COPE Candidates – John Irwin, Gwen Giesbrecht, Diana Day, Barb Parrott, Derrick O’Keefe, Anne Roberts, Jean Swanson, and additional candidates COPE may enlist – be given full vote to accompany their voices. Carried



– Finance Report: CJ – Report – $22K approx. working fund – fundraising a must!


– Fundraising Report:  Wendy – all COPE staff and subject expert volunteers helping each other to accomplish new fundraising goals – $200K


Derrick Fundraiser – Derrick – Need COPE Support – Table at door, membership forms, basic literature materials, etc.; Diana, Jean speaking, Beverley MC


Fundraising Committee: Ngaire Meeting set for Wednesday July 11 2018




  1. Maddy’s Pride Parade budget proposal. John Motion Seconded Rider Up to $1000 for Pride Parade Budget. Carried


  1. Fiona’s confirmation for the Rio to show The Rankin Files – Rider Motion Seconded Carol:  Ranking file show at September 22 matinee for fundraiser. Carried


  1. Harambecouver – Major multi-cultural parade event, Aug 25 & 26, mental health and addiction, table by donation. Motion John Seconded Rider: $50 for table. Carried


  1. COPE Garden Party Aug 26: Someone to bottom line: liquor licence, entertainment, low barrier entry ($25 etc.) NB – Members needed & Someone to Bottom-Line (aka, organize it, re: above duties!). Contact Connie Hubbs or Rider Cooey for further details.


– Outreach Report on Petition Campaign – Sara – Commercial Drive Car Free – 700 signatures from COPE tent and Socialist Alternative and International Socialists signatures forthcoming: Folk Fest, etc., and upcoming events – see report notes from Sara below:

Hi everybody,

I made a presentation about outreach activities during Swanson campaign last year and the city we need this year, during the weekend workshop with Jonathan. I’ve attached the file here [below] for those of you who had asked for it.


Also here is the breakdown of the data that we currently have form 2017 and 2018 campaigns (so far).  Supporter here refers to people who have signed either one of our petitions.


Once we get COPE’s data from 2017 we can integrate and build a solid list of contacts to outreach to and confirm as voters.


Feel free to send me any questions about these documents.


Canvass the Folks Fest for the City We Need

Come and canvass the Folk Festival for the City We Need!

Every song of freedom and self-righteousness must be followed by direct action if it’s going to have any power. What better way than by getting signatures for our City We Need Petition?

We’ll meet on Saturday and Sunday (July 14th & 15th) at 10:30 am at Jericho Beach. Questions? text Duncan.


The link with the details included.


Communications: Tristan – see full report below url:


  • Motions forthcoming to pay for literature materials, business cards, banners, etc., next couple of weeks . . .


  • Tristan and Sara to propose modest budget pre-approval to pay for sundry Candidate needs as required (July 17 meeting).



  • Website integration: COPE Nation Builder website (hopefully integration data by next week – this is the target goal)
  • Social Media: banners coming (Candidates and COPE general ones) – to do: COPE and Candidate button templates – both in 2.25 and 1.25 inch – flags(?), new integrated petition, volunteer t-shirts(?)
  • Literature: harmonization (colours / text) – Gramma’s printing literature for this weekend, cards for Derrick


Candidate Activities: Candidate from each slate report on activities

Derrick O’Keefe’s launch Thursday July 12 2018; finalization of press release on housing; anti-kinder morgan rally north vancouver; all three council candidates working together, including trustee and commissioner candidates.
Next meeting: July 17 2018 Location TBA Adjourned: 9:05PM