COPE Campaign Committee Minutes

Tuesday June 12, 2018 7pm 911 West 21st Ave.

Present: Wendy, Connie (Co-Chair) , John Y. Riaz, Gary, Rider (Co-Chair), Esther, Jean, Carol, Tristan, Sam, Sara, Meena, Kombi, John (minute taker)

Territory Acknowledgement: Connie

Adoption of Agenda for Executive Meeting: MSC

Adoption of minutes from Executive Meeting June 2 2018: MSC

Code of Conduct: Volunteering – Ben, Sara, Wendy, Rider, Carol, Aiden, John: to draft asap.

Campaign Committee

  • Chain of Command: Gary moves – COPE hire an interim campaign liaison to carry out our immediate organizing (outreach) needs for the next 4 weeks. MSC
  • Sara moves COPE appoint a liaison to coordinate our communications needs for 4 weeks to report weekly to the COPE Campaign and/or Executive Committee. MSC
  • Wendy moves COPE will have a working budget for the above work (labour) up to $6000. MSC
  • Wendy moves COPE strike up a hiring committee to work out an implementation plan and job descriptions. MSC

(Hiring Committee’s first meeting Friday, June 15 2018, Four Sisters, 7PM.)

  • Campaign Manager: deferred
  • Communications: as above
  • Temporary structure (canvassing)
  • Series of actions to carry out: Jean (Tristan to forward Jean’s list to Hiring Committee)

Fundraising – Wendy and Connie:

  • Wendy – Collection at June 10 2018 COPE Nomination Meeting: $16,000 (approx.) .
  • Connie moves That COPE take off the dance portion of the Anniversary evening. MSC. Volunteers needed for the Silent Auction.
  • Sara – Nomination Conference membership renewals, new members, and one PAC: $215 total.

Fusion Committee: Sara moves That the Hiring Committee overlap with the Fusion Committee. Motion withdrawn.


  • June 16 (Westend) Car free – Connie moves COPE hire Ngaire to create a fused leaflet for Car Free days. MSC
  • June 17 (Main St) Car free
  • June 23 East Side Pride
  • June 24 Hot Pink Pathways
  • July 8 (Commercial) Car free
  • Cumberland Miners’ Memorial June 22-23 – Carol moves COPE buy a wreath for $100. MSC

Other Business: nil

New Business: Mayoral candidate – not discussed.

Announcements: nil

Next Executive Meeting: June 19 2018 911 W. 21st

Adjourn: 10PM