1. Call to Order: 7:15PM


  1. Territory Acknowledgement: Connie


  1. Adoption of the Campaign Committee Meeting Agenda: MSC


  1. Adoption of the July 24 2018 Campaign Committee Meeting Minutes: MSC


  1. Finance Report (Carol): Motion, Carol; Bill second:


Despite a significant rise in expenses this last  weeks, our bank balance at the 1st of August was only down by about $3000 over one month earlier.  However for the remainder of Aug there are very major commitments. I am requesting approval for $9000 over and above previously established expenses: t-shirts & tote bags ($1500), video production ($1000), printing ($1000) and sign expenses ($5000). Later in the meeting a further commitment to pay 3 staff till the end of Aug was added to our outflow for the month.  Further it is emphasized that additional large expenses are coming due in the first few days in September. A huge effort is fundraising is required this month.



  1. Fundraising Report (Wendy/Riaz): Wendy & Riaz organizing daily calling out from 5PM on. Riaz will be also working from the main office during the day. Bill motion, Riaz seconds: Public phoning and financial fundraising target $37,500: Beat Chip Wilson by Labour Day. Carried.    


  1. Fundraising Committee Report: as per above and bundled into the below staff report.
  1. Communications; Outreach & Fundraising Report(s) (Tristan & Riaz): See Staff Report: https://drive.google.com/open?id=14ppgPNhI53pLqiZps7Qxb7LZyfSIxeJK


  1. Candidate Reports:


From Anne Roberts: comment on three matters.

  1. I understand that there will be a proposal coming forward to hire Jonathan Rosenblum to be an advisor/mentor to the new campaign manager and other staff. If I were at the meeting, I would definitely vote for this proposal, even though I am very mindful of the myriad demands on our budget. At this stage, given our particular history and the specific stresses, conflicts, and challenges we are facing, I can think of no better solution than he be hired to advise, oversee, inspire and boost the workings of our campaign.  In other words, I think if we are to enjoy any sort of success, we need to take this step.


Wendy, motion, Linda second. To hire Jonathan Rosenblum to work two days per week in Vancouver to work with our campaign manager and staff to advise/mentor with Co-Chairs tasked to negotiate the terms not exceeding $4000 per month. Carried.


John Y. Amendment, John A. second: That we hire Jonathan two days per two weeks and pay him $2000 per month. 6 for 3 against, Carried.


If I were at the meeting, I would definitely vote for this proposal, even though I am very mindful of the myriad demands on our budget. At this stage, given our particular history and the specific stresses, conflicts, and challenges we are facing, I can think of no better solution than he be hired to advise, oversee, inspire and boost the workings of our campaign.  In other words, I think if we are to enjoy any sort of success, we need to take this step.


  1. My memory is that we voted to refer what was discussed in private session to the public session.  We voted to make the subject matter – what was discussed — public. That is reflected in the motion to refer issues to co-chairs, Jonathan and Leslie. But the other motion regarding a reorganization of staff and job descriptions was not included in the minutes.  I would appreciate it if someone might make a motion to correct that omission and note that the motion was defeated (or withdrawn?).
  2. My memory is that the will of the meeting was that my motion on p. 5 of the minutes directing the co-chairs to bring a motion to the next meeting on the size and quorum of the campaign committee taking into account organization agility, internal democracy and best use of time be the main item at this week’s meeting to allow for a full discussion, and the remainder of the meeting be devoted to campaign work, such as fund-raising.  I would appreciate it if someone might make a motion to add it to the agenda and allot sufficient time for discussion and resolution.

Thanks so much, and again, my apologies that I am not able to attend the meeting.

In solidarity,



  1. Co-Chairs Report (Connie & Rider):
  1. Report on hiring of Campaign Manager
  2. Motion re interim Campaign Structure


Diana motion, Meena second. So moved, whereas the COPE 2018 Campaign Structure after the COPE Campaign Manager’s term of employment begins will be as follows:


Campaign Manager directs staff and volunteers and directs all day to day activities working with the COPE Co Chairs on a day to day basis and reporting to the Campaign Committee weekly, during the period from Tuesday August 7 until the CM us hired. (tentatively Aug 20) the Co- chairs will manage the day to day activities, directing staff, consulting Table Officers as needed. Carried.


Connie motion, Meena second: Next Campaign Committee meeting occur August 21 and consult with the Campaign Manager. Carried, one against, 1 abstain.


Connie motion Jean second: Now until August 20 day to day management of staff in consultation with the Table Officers when needed. 8 for, 3 against, 1 abstain


Wendy motion: To extend the payment and contract to current staff until the end of August. Carried


Connie: action to call out for campaign office furniture – desks, tables, printers – who can lend, etc.  


  1. Volunteer Event Coordinator Report (Fiona): Reviewed and read.

Office Accessibility

As we are still searching for an office space, it’s important that we now take the opportunity to ensure that the new office is accessible. Therefore we adopt the following policy:

–       That any office space, event venues, and public locations associated with the campaign be accessible, and that accessibility be a pre-consideration of selecting locations

–       That, if a new office space is rented that is not physically accessible despite the above statement, we adopt the following policy:

o   contract with a nearby accessible local business (not a chain) to do our food ordering/catering for office events/coffee through them, in exchange for use of their washrooms for our volunteers or members who require accessibility. We would then order from that business for the office opening.

o   make laminated badges for people to take with them when they go to use the accessible washroom, so employees at the business don’t question or bother them and it is formal and dignified for the volunteer or member

o   Thirdly, make signage/language about the accessible washrooms arrangement to post inside the office and also on any announcement or event invitations for the office.

Motion to be brought forward by Carol: Referred back to Fiona and Rider to resolve.


Rankin File screening

  • Had a meeting with director Teresa Alfeld and producer John Bolton to review
  • Confirmed for Saturday September 22 at the Rio Theatre. **Times have been adjusted a little: Doors 1:00, screening 2pm, panel 3:30, meet and greet 4pm; out by 5pm
  • Dinner/social after at Harambe, Riddim and Spice, or other nearby venue (Can someone else organize this?)
  • Panel so far: film-maker Teresa Alfeld, Gwen Giesbrecht, John Irwin, Barb Parrot, Jean Swanson, Anne Roberts, Derrick O’Keefe. Panelists will be asked to react to the film comment on “turning point’ in Vancouver politics, what has changed/not changed over last 30 years. Questions/link to film can be sent to panelists ahead of time
  • Joint presentation of COPE, the Harry Rankin Film Society, and the Rio Theatre
  • Messaging/advertising will not say “fundraiser” (although we can definitely do fundraising at the event). Framed more as “participatory screening”, pre-election rally, celebration for COPE”s 50th
  • Google doc and draft budget have been created for this event.


Action required: panelists to confirm participation; Other actions items will be brought to future meetings


COPE with Music event

    • Tentatively planned for Friday September 7th
    • Geoff Berner and Monica Lee Band have confirmed
    • Still looking for other performers
    • Have not booked venue, but have put out inquiries
    • Working group: Duncan, Dalton, Fiona
    • Google doc created for planning


Action required: Request formal motion/confirmation


COPE comedy event

    • Smaller-scale fundraising event, featuring local comedians
    • Shawn to MC and help to recruit performers
    • In September or very early October
    • Still sourcing venues
    • Working group: Sam, Shawn, Fiona


Action required: Request formal motion/confirmation


Human resources and accountability

There seems to be a lack of information/accountability regarding paid staff and their roles. According to COPE by-law 7.4 (a) During the civic election campaign, the Executive shall constitute the Campaign Committee together with such other persons as the Executive deems appropriate. As Executive members, we have responsibility for our employees/contractors and can expect to be held accountable to their actions.


– terms of reference/job descriptions for all paid positions to be shared with campaign committee members

    • All outstanding grievances or ombudsperson’s complaints with current staff need to be promptly addressed.
    • appropriate supervision be put in place to monitor tasks and provide feedback/support for staff


Action required: motion for the above



I’ve secured another Square reader to taking mobile donations by credit card at special events.

Suggest that if campaign meetings are shortened (as discussed at July 24 meeting), that we consider breaking into working groups, so that other business can be conducted while we are all there, rather than setting up time-consuming separate meetings.


  1. Old Business:
  1. Anne Motion, to move out of In-Camera and refer authority to Co-Chairs, Jonathan Rosenblum, Leslie, liaise with Staff and consult on issues brought up in camera (Noted by Rider: re: Andrea’s motion). Carried, 2 against. Carol motion, to rise and report both motions: Carried. (Follow up with Barb on accuracy of both motions – Note, Barb not in attendance Aug 7th to address issue)
  1. Deliverable action item – Anne Motion, Rider seconds: At an appropriate time that Tristan, Diana, Barb and Connie respond to the VDLC choice to not endorse Diana Day for School Board. Carried.


Tristan and Diana: VDLC ensured in writing Diana Day would be endorsed for the 2018; this did not happen. This endorsement did not get past the VDLC vetting committee. Tristan and relevant COPE candidates are going to ask the VDLC, specifically Stephan, to fix this.


Announcement (Meena): Patrick Condon returning August 15, and we are having a party for him at the Electra 5-7 PM.


  1. New Business: none


  1. Next meeting time and location: August 21 2018 2PM, 532 East Broadway, Vancouver, BC.


  1. Meeting adjourned: 9:45PM