COPE Campaign Committee Agenda DRAFT

August 21st 2018  532 Main Street Vancouver


Present: Carol, Shawn, Connie (Co-Chair), Esther, Meena, Andrea, Alan, Wendy, John A. (minutes), Derrick, Linda, Bill, Ishamam, Tristan, Sara, Riaz, John Y., Rider (Co-Chair), Darlene, Diana, Jean


  1. Call to Order: 2:09PM


  1. Territory Acknowledgement: C. Hubbs


Wrap up time – Wendy motion, Carol second. Meeting to end at 3:30PM. Carried, one against.


  1. Adoption of the Campaign Committee Meeting Agenda:


  1. Adoption of the August 7 2018 Campaign Committee Meeting

Minutes. Bill Motion, Wendy second: To adopt the August 7th 2018 Campaign Committee minutes. Carried.


  1. Campaign Manager Report: presentation by Shawn Vulliez on the COPE Campaign plan moving forward (see summary attached)

Anne R. Motion, John A. second. To  endorse the #AllOnBoard campaign:

A two-fold: free transit for all children and youth 0-18 and a sliding scale pass based on income for adults. Carried


  1. Finance Report (Carol): See attached


  1. Fundraising Report (Wendy/Riaz): See Shawn’s report


  1. Candidate Reports: nil


  1. Old Business: Esther motion, John A. second: COPE Campaign Committee fully endorses Bill Hopwood’s suggestions regarding inclusion in our literature: the environment. Carried.


John Yano motion, Esther second: To create a specific message box and separate leaflet underscoring the environment.   


Carol motion, second Bill: referral of the above motion to staff and the communications working group. Carried.


  1. New Business:

Office Management, Rider: need for recycling system – paper, plastics, cardboard, green bin, blue box.


COPE 2018 Platform now ready for uploading.


Posting of assistance for office and code of conduct – strategy


  1. Next meeting time and location: Bill motion, John A. second: Next Campaign Committee meeting September 11th 532 East Broadway.


  1. Meeting adjourned: 3:30PM