Tomorrow, Vancouver city council will vote on whether or not to adopt an Official Development Plan for the City: the Regional Context Statement.
The Regional Context Statement is part of a larger shift away from democracy, with very little public input in its preparation. It hands over a significant amount of power to the unelected Metro Vancouver and Translink bodies.
The plan ties large transit projects to real-estate redevelopments, meaning that transit will have to be paid for by giving huge density bonuses to luxury real-estate developers. Most disturbingly, this will tie Vancouver’s hands so that it cannot direct revenues towards affordable housing. In the context of Vancouver’s growing affordability crisis, this will exacerbate the City’s affordability crunch.
COPE’s Tim Louis said “The pattern we’ve seen since the election of Vision Vancouver is to demolish affordable housing and build unaffordable condominiums. The Regional Context Statement enables this even further, and it takes away the city’s ability to create subsidized housing near transit lines, where we need affordable housing the most.”

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COPE calls on Vision Vancouver to reject the Regional Context Statement