Immediate Release:
May 17, 2010

COPE city
councillor Ellen Woodsworth will introduce a motion at Vancouver City
Council tomorrow calling on the federal government to endorse a national
housing program.  Bill C-304, a private members bill initiated by
Vancouver East MP Libby Davies, is currently before the House of

"The City of Vancouver has been working hard to meet
commitment to house the homeless and to provide affordable housing.
However, without the Federal and Provincial governments fulfilling their
responsibilities, Vancouver will become a city just for the wealthy,"
said COPE Councillor

"There are somewhere between 10,500 and 15,000
homeless people in BC.  There are close to 1.7 million Canadians
households in core housing need, representing over 4 million people. 
This is an effective public policy intervention and the City of
Vancouver needs to take leadership by pushing the federal political
parties to act. While this council has taken many positive steps to
address the housing crisis, we need other levels of government to play
their part" said COPE Councillor David Cadman.

The motion also
calls on Vancouver City Council to write a letter to all BC Members of
Parliament to support the bill. Currently, the federal NDP and Liberal
Party have endorsed the bill. There will also be a motion brought
forward as an emergency resolution to the Federation of Canadian

"We have a crisis of affordability not only in
Vancouver, but in urban centres across the country.  Homelessness
has no borders – only a national vision and approach can truly address
the root causes of this national tragedy," said Am Johal, Chair of the
Impact on Communities Coalition.

COPE calls on COV to endorse national housing program