When Council reconvenes in September, COPE will be unveiling a suite of
motions designed to curb the growth of unnacountable spending currently
taking place at the City and to provide greater public transparency. The
motions will call for changes to how funding for contracts are approved
and provide for council oversight before and after services.

to COPE Councillor Cadman, “while I understood the need for the
City Manager to have more control over contracts during the Olympics,
but the
Games are now over and our budget is tight.” He continues, “I will be
calling for a return to pre-Olympics thresholds for untendered,
unapproved contracts.”

Councillor Woodsworth continues,
“Taxpayers deserve to know how their money is being spent and I will be
requesting that the City Manager report back on the progress of all
untendered contracts over $30,000, with respect to what’s been

The COPE councilors will request information on what
contracts over $30,000 have been approved since the Olympic period, for
how much and what the deliverables have been. They will also ask that
these contracts be posted on the City of Vancouver website. This online
access is compatible with the City’s commitment to open data.

councilors are concerned with spending on renovations and Linda Oglov’s
no-bid Olympics related contracted. 

The motions will be available in
the September 21
council package.

COPE calls for suite of reforms to reign in unnacountable spending