2014 AGM Banner

The membership of the Coalition of Progressive Electors have elected a new Executive Board and adopted their 2014 election platform. COPE will be running a mayoral candidate against Gregor Robertson, as well as a majority on City Council, School Board, and Park Board.

Positions elected to the Executive include:

Co-Chairs: Tim Louis, Heather Gies
Recording Secretary: Maria Wallstam
Membership Secretary: Herb Varley
Fundraiser: Maureen Bourke
Members-at-Large: Kombii Nanjalah, Alex Mierke-Zatwarnick, Karen Gilchrist, Charlene Sayo, Allison Mcdonald, and Anita Romaniuk

Representatives from five Equity caucuses were also elected to voting positions on the Executive:

Aboriginal Caucus: Rosanne Gervais
Disability Caucus: Stephen Lytton
LGBPQ (lesbian, gay, bi, pan, and queer) Caucus: John Yano
Racialized Caucus: Imtiaz Popat
Transgender Caucus: Jamie Lee Hamilton

COPE’s 2014 election platform features COPE’s Housing Authority, which will build real affordable social housing funded in part by a Luxury Housing Tax and levies on private real estate corporations.

Platform commitments also include a proposal for a Universal Transit Pass for all Vancouverites and a community-based Sanctuary City policy.

Heather Gies, newly elected Co-Chair, said: “I’m excited to be co-Chair of a municipal party that has a majority of women, and indigenous people represented in its leadership. We have a diverse executive, with a core group of committed community activists and newly ratified equity committees. COPE is the only major civic party not funded by real estate development corporations and it’s one I’m proud to be part of.”

COPE’s Tim Louis said: “We are challenging Vision Vancouver, the developer party, and I’m thrilled to see that COPE, the people’s party, is more united than ever.”

COPE brings renters and indigenous leaders onto Executive