COPE is pleased to announce exciting changes to the executive board and staff.

With the election of Councilor Ellen Woodsworth and School Trustee Jane
Bouey, the COPE executive had the opportunity to appoint two new
members to fill the executive vacancies until the next AGM. Alvin Singh
and Bill Bargeman joined the executive at the November 11 meeting.

Bill Bargeman, a former candidate, teacher and president of the
Vancouver Secondary Teacher’s Association, comes on to the executive as
a Member-At-Large. Alvin Singh, another former candidate, seismic
advocate and youth activist, will take Jane Bouey’s role as Recording

Outgoing External Chairperson, Ellen Woodsworth, nominated Lucas
Schuller to the position of External Chairperson. Schuller assumes that
role after a year on the executive as the treasurer (2006-2007) and the
past year as a Member-At-Large. Woodsworth describes Schuller as
“articulate and principled.” She continues,  “I have no doubt he will
represent COPE exceedingly well until our AGM this year.”

The COPE executive also promoted Rachel Marcuse to the staff position
of Executive Director. Marcuse co-managed the 2008 campaign, and at 24,
was the youngest person to manage a major municipal election campaign
in Canada. She was elected to the executive in 2006 and has been on
staff since February, 2007. Rachel came to COPE with management
experience in the non-profit and public sector in Vancouver and

According to new external chairperson, Lucas Schuller, “Rachel will
continue to build the momentum of the new COPE. The executive is
pleased to continue working with her.”

COPE announces two new executive members, External Chairperson and Executive Director

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