The COPE and Vision
executives are announcing a tentative agreement for cooperation for the
2008 election. Both organizations feel that the agreement is an
important step to create the kind of campaign that can return
progressive government to city hall.

Members of both organizations have consistently sought a cooperative
effort and the executives of both Vision Vancouver and COPE have
endorsed an agreement that will see the following:

1) COPE, Vision, and the Green Party have agreed to run less than
a full slate of candidates for each level. The breakdown is as follows:

a. Mayor: Gregor Robertson
b. Council: 8 (Vision), 2 (COPE)
c. School Board: 5 (COPE), 4 (Vision)
d. Park Board: 4 (Vision), 2 (COPE), 1 (Green Party)

2) Vision and COPE will cooperate around specific policy issues, including a strategy on homelessness.

Vancouver believes the issues in this upcoming election are too
important to be ignored. With this agreement, we can work with COPE to
maximize our chances to bring progressive government back to
Vancouver,” said Mike Magee, co-chair of Vision Vancouver.

“It is crucial that we work
together to return progressive government to city hall, park and school
board, said COPE Councilor David Cadman. “We want to work with Gregor
Robertson and Vision to cooperate around areas of common concern. With
this agreement we can avoid splitting the progressive vote and create a
better Vancouver.”

The cooperation agreement is subject to ratification by the COPE membership at their Sunday, September 14 policy conference.

Cooperative Agreement between COPE and Vision Executives