At COPE’s AGM on Thursday Sept 29, Tim Louis was re-elected as co-chair, John Yano was acclaimed as Membership Secretary, Wilson Munoz as Fundraiser, and Sara Sagaii as Recording Secretary. Also Yahara Munoz and Kombii Nanjalah were re-elected to new terms as Members-at-Large, and are joined by new members Tim O’Keeffe and Meena Wong.

These new and re-elected members join co-chair Connie Hubbs, Treasurer Penny Parry, Corresponding Secretary Anita Romaniuk, and Members-at-Large Lawrence Boxall and Jennifer O’Keeffe, whose terms continue until 2017, along with Disability Rep Stephen Lytton.

The moves of Wilson and Sara to new positions open two more Member-at-Large positions ending in 2017 for by-election at a subsequent meeting.

Congratulations to Our New Executive