AGM nov 12 2017At COPE’s Annual General Meeting this afternoon (Nov 12), we elected Rider Cooey as a new Co-Chair for a term ending in 2019 and re-elected Connie Hubbs to complete the term ending in 2018. We also elected Carol Jerde as Treasurer, John Ames as Recording Secretary, and Aiden Sisler as Corresponding Secretary, and filled the five open Member-at-Large positions with Esther Silva, Justine Davidson, Riaz Behra, Ajantha (Sam) Dharampala, and Anita Romaniuk. Congratulations to all elected, and deepest thanks to all the other capable and committed candidates who were willing to run, and also to those who have decided to move on to other roles – especially Tim Louis and Penny Parry who have been the heart and soul of COPE for many years and whose contributions (we hope and believe) are far from over. We need you all for the hard work of advancing a truly progressive political agenda in Vancouver.

(and thanks to Ray Tomlin for some great pics!)



Congratulations to New Executive Members!