Community Forum in Support of Laibar Singh

Alma VanDusen Room
Vancouver Public Library, 350 West Georgia Street

The recent case of paralyzed Laibar Singh facing deportation to India has created much debate. Come hear from trade unionists, community
organizations, academics, faith groups, and legal experts about why they are supporting Laibar Singh as well as broader issues of migration and race in Canada.

Speakers include:

* Zool Suleman: immigration lawyer and legal counsel for Laibar Singh. He is  also the coordinator of a Stop Racial Profiling Campaign.

* Iris Taylor: Canadian Labour Congress

* Denise Nadeau: theologian and Acting Director of the Interfaith Summer Institute at Simon Fraser University. She was part of the Interfaith Sanctuary Coalition in Montreal and has written several articles on refugees and asylum seekers from a Christian perspective.

* South Asian community organizers and media commentators Gurpreet Singh and Gurinder Dhaliwal who have been heavily involved in this campaign.

* John Price: John Price is associate professor of history at the University  of Victoria and recently completed a study of Mackenzie King and the
consolidation of white supremacy in Canada.

* Fred Muzin: President of Hospital Employees Union

Organized by Communities for Laibar Singh (Vancouver). Communities for Laibar Singh is a newly-formed committee to organize support for Laibar Singh to stay in Canada, to organize against the racist backlash that has impacted the Punjabi, Sikh, and South Asian communities, to to express  olidarity with the numerous inspiring actions that have taken place recently.

Community Forum in Support of Laibar Singh