Affordability, Gentrification, Displacement, Austerity…
What are we up against? Who is leading the charge to defend our city? What can COPE do?
Come to our Annual Issues Meeting this Sunday, November 29,in the WISE Hall at 1882 Adanac St.

Registration starts at 10:30 am

Vancouver Round Table
11:00am to 12:40pm

Yuly Chan
, with the Chinatown Action Group (a coalition of Chinatown youth organizers)
Talk about the implications of poorly controlled development on our Chinatown community.
For a preview, see her interviewed by Sid Chow tan on Access television

Daniel Tseghay, Jean Swanson and Kombii Nanjala, well known Vancouver activists
Look at the implications and opportunities of removing Vancouver’s viaducts.
Impacts on traffic, parks, and neighborhood of historic importance… and a huge windfall for developers!
COPE says no – not without real affordable and social housing and community agreement on the resolution of other impact issues.

Christina DeMarco,former lead planner for the Metro Vancouver Regional Growth Strategy
andTom Phipps, retired senior Vancouver City Planner
Hear the inside story of 555 West Cordova and the Future of our Downtown Waterfront
The Central Waterfront Hub Framework, developed by City Planners over many years and endorsed by Vancouver City Council on June 11, 2009, provides an exciting vision for the downtown waterfront that includes a multi-modal transportation hub centred around the Waterfront Station which would facilitate the transition to a reduced-carbon footprint for the city and would re-connect the downtown to the waterfront while also providing job space and public gathering places. But it is threatened by a proposed development at 555 West Cordova which may undo years of planning and forever block both the transit improvements and the waterfront access. What can we do to prevent this short sighted money grab from obstructing the optimal development of our city?

Larry Benge, Co-Chair Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhoods (CVN)
Larry will lead a discussion, including representatives and participants from various neighbourhoods, on the threats to our communities and how best to work together to protect them.

12:40 to 2:20pm

*Equity, Diversity Oversight Committee: Nomination of Indigenous representative
*Car pool to Climate Change Rally at VAG (Georgia and Granville)


2:20 to 4:00pm
Austerity Panel

Gary Cristall– ‘Sewer Socialism’ the history of municipal socialism from Vienna to Milwaukee.
Gary works in the arts as a teacher and artists’ manager.In a previous life he lived in Chile and studied Latin American history, and of course we all know him as a co-founder of the Vancouver Folk Festival and its director until 1994.

DJ Larkin Pivot Legal Society-Housing Campaigner – DJ represented the homeless against the City of Abbotsford and won a landmark ruling. She will talk about this case and implications for housing policy.
DJ was drawn to a career in law by her belief in the law’s power to build a more just society. Her practice is focused on litigating and researching the criminalization of homelessness, systems of housing which infringe the human rights and housing rights of low-income renters and housing policies and practices that put women and families at risk.  As Pivot’s housing campaigner, she is committed to working with her clients to create a community that respects and values all of its members.

Ivan Drury will discuss some of the challenges for renters in around Metro Vancouver as well as the larger context.
Ivan is an organizer with the Alliance Against Displacement (formerly called the Social Housing Alliance) and an editor with The Volcano newspaper.

COPE Business Meeting

Business Meeting 4:00-4:30pm
Cleanup  and Exit 4:30-5:00pm


Note: Volunteers are always needed for opening the room up, setting out chairs and tables, registration, balloting committee, Sergeants at Arms, stacking chairs and clean-up. If you are able to help us by volunteering, please contact us at or by phone at (604) 255-0400. All help is gratefully appreciated.

Thank you for supporting COPE.
Together we can make Vancouver a better place to live, work and play.

Connie Hubbs
Co-Chair to the Executive
and Tim Louis
Co-Chair to the Executive
Come To Our Issues Meeting on November 29