Cllr Cadman calls for NPA’s Elizabeth Ball and B C Lee to be "disqualified" from Hearing on SE False Creek.
Vancouver COPE Cllr David Cadman is asking Vancouver’s City Manager, the City Clerk and the Director of Planning to determine if two NPA councillors may have disqualified themselves from voting at tonight’s Public Hearing on changes to the SE False Creek Official Development Plan.

"When I saw in the February 27 issue of the that both NPA Cllrs Elizabeth Ball and B C Lee stated their position on the SE False Creek ODP,  I was astounded," said Cadman. "Each and every councilor has been clearly advised by city staff that once the matter had been referred to Public Hearing, no councilor is to comment on that matter. The mere fact that they have spoken to media about this matter, after it was referred to Public Hearing, leaves me no alternative but to ask that they stand down from tonight’s Hearing."
On January 19, the NPA majority on Vancouver City Council voted to cut affordable housing and day care space from the plan for SE False Creek; site of the 2010 Olympic village. But before  cuts can be implemented, the ODP must  be amended following an official Public Hearing  scheduled for 7 pm on March 07 at City Hall. Procedures governing Public Hearings are clearly defined to ensure that members of the public receive an objective and fair hearing before councillors make any decision on the ODP.

"We cannot risk this Hearing being jeopardized and subject to a legal challenge because of statements some councilors made to the media," said Cadman. "The outcome of this Public Hearing will affect crucial contracts for the Olympic Village."

Ball is reported in the February 27, 2006 edition of the to have said "she still fully supports the NPA’s decision to reverse the Official Development Plan." In the same issue Lee is reported to have said "he is opposed to the old plan because it departs from the norm by spending money out of the PEF (Property Endowment Fund)."

Cllr Cadman calls for NPA's Elizabeth Ball and B C Lee to be "disqualified" from Hearing on SE False Creek.

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