Modeled on the enormously popular philosopher’s café format, we
are bringing together small groups in the community for peer-to-peer problem
solving to discuss how we can all significantly reduce our environmental

Our next meeting’s theme is “Eating Locally, Thinking Globally.”


We will be joined by guests from Vancouver ’s local and slow food movements.
The café is set for 7 PM on Tuesday February 26 at the Grind and Gallery Cafe
at 4124 Main Street


Want to participate
in Climate Cafes meetings? Or are you looking to contribute your ideas for a
future meeting? Maybe you have some skills that would make you a great team
leader. This is the time to get involved. Come and visit our blog: to learn about all the
details of upcoming meetings or to comment on local environmental issues close
to your heart. By taking small steps we can all make a big environmental

If you have any
questions, comments or queries feel free to email

Climate Café, Eating Locally, Thinking Globally

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