Immediate Release:
March 17, 2010

The result of COPE Councillor Woodsworth’s motion
on campaign finance and electoral reform is coming to council next week,
with recommendations to the BC Local Governments Election Task Force.

report includes the following recommendations submitted by the City and
developed by a cross-party committee initiated by Woodsworth:

To set limits on the annual amount of contributions that can be given
by an individual or organization to an elector organization, campaign
organizer, or an individual seeking         elected office.
•    That
the City of Vancouver be provided with the legislative authority to
adopt an alternate voting
•    That the City recommends against bringing any form of
corporate vote to Vancouver or in the Province.

The full
report will be available at later this week.

Woodsworth, whose previous motion was sent to the UBCM, also attended
the Local Government Elections Task Force UBCM Member Consultation with
Co Chairs Nyce President of UBCM and Honorable MLA Bill Bennett last

Over one hundred mayors and councillors participated in a
discussion that included election cycles, corporate vote, campaign
financing such as contribution limits, expense limits, public financing,
third party advertising and disclosure, local election enforcement, the
role of elections BC and employee and volunteer eligibility for office.

According to Woodswoth, “I am particularly concerned that the
Province is considering giving
corporations the vote. There was unanimous agreement at the
consultation that corporations should not have a vote. As far as I’m
concerned, voting is for people.”

The submission will come to
Council next Tuesday and will be bumped to a Thursday committee meeting
for input from the public.

City Report on Campaign Finance and Electoral Reform coming to council next week