COPE is concerned about the lack of access to spray parks throughout Vancouver, especially with the upcoming holiday long weekend. Many water parks closed up to three weeks prior to the Labour Day long weekend. For many, this is the last opportunity to spend outdoors before school begins.

Former COPE Park Board Commissioner Anita Romaniuk commented, “Residents have noticed that spray parks had been shut down earlier than usual.” Stanley Park, Granville Island, and Maple Grove Park are among the few that remain in operation throughout the summer season. Families living in East and South Vancouver have no access to water parks during the final weeks of summer.

COPE calls on Vision Vancouver to increase park budgets, particularly in lower income neighbourhoods that rely more heavily on recreational services. This would ensure that water parks are accessible to everyone during the entire summer. The forecast is sunny and dry, and it will remain that way for many throughout weekend.


City of Vancouver's Water Parks Dry Up Before the End of Summer