Vancouver is the most liveable city in North America.

Since 2002,
COPE Councillors, School Trustees and Park Commissioners have been
working together
for a safer, more vibrant and liveable Vancouver.

Our economy is booming.

Thousands move to Vancouver every year.
It’s not just spectacular beaches and mountains that attract so
many talented and energetic people. It is also because COPE is creating
a tolerant and dynamic city that celebrates a quality of life that
is the envy of the world.

COPE is offering more choices on how we get around. We are putting
more buses on the road, and making our streets safer for pedestrians and
cyclists. Making public transit even better remains a top priority for

The Four Pillars Plan is saving lives in the Downtown East
. Now we are putting the “prevention” pillar in place.
A Homeless Action plan and Downtown Eastside housing strategy are underway.
Your COPE Councillors are negotiating with senior governments for 2400
new social housing units for our most vulnerable citizens. And for the
first time, community police offices are getting stable funding.

COPE Councillors listened to Kitsilano and South Vancouver residents
who said “No to big-boxes.” And we listened to East Vancouver
neighbourhoods who said “No to slots.”

COPE adopted the Cool Vancouver Climate Change Plan that is cutting air
pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions. COPE Council is creating Canada’s
newest sustainable community in South East False Creek, and reviving one
of the country’s oldest at Woodwards.

Your COPE Council has kept taxes to midway within all the municipalities
in the region while funding vital public services. COPE adopted an ethical
and sustainable purchasing policy that ensures the City doesn’t
buy from sweatshops
and conducts it’s business on the basis
of equity and fairness.

Vancouver remains a city of distinct neighbourhoods, rich in multi-cultural
diversity. It has become a better place to live with a COPE Council,
School and Park Board
. But more remains to be done. Three years is
not long enough to fix decades of NPA neglect. And crucial initiatives
will be overturned if the NPA are allowed to return to City Hall.

On November 19, Vancouverites have a clear choice. A vote for the
NPA will mean going back to closed libraries, no redevelopment at Woodward’s,
and a City Hall run by big money interests.

Or Vancouver can return a COPE City Council that cares about working
families, listens to neighbourhoods
and keeps working for a Vancouver
that’s better for everyone.


Making smart transportation choices

More people in Vancouver are using public transit, walking and
cycling than ever before.

COPE restored night bus service that was cut by the NPA. Now it’s
easier for many workers to get home after a long night shift. And partygoers
can travel safely after an evening in Vancouver’s thriving Downtown
entertainment district.

COPE Council replaced Vancouver’s zero-emission, electric trolley
with modern new trolleys and enhanced the fleet with 228 new
wheelchair-accessible trolleys due to arrive in 2006. COPE improved
pedestrian safety
by installing new pedestrian controlled lights,
putting in new and bolder marked crosswalks and increasing police traffic
enforcement. And with the addition of the new 10 Avenue Bikeway, Vancouver’s
cycling network now tops 150 kms. But we need to do more.

A COPE council will make our transportation system better by:

  • Working with TransLink to get subsidized passes for college,
    secondary and elementary students, and persons on low incomes;
  • Implementing the Vancouver Area Transit Plan that calls for
    six new routes including two more B-Lines to UBC along Fourth Ave and
    41 Ave;
  • Pushing TransLink to increase the number of trolleybuses and
    freeze fares;
  • Opposing twinning of the Port Mann Bridge and expansion of the
    freeway into Vancouver in order to stop more traffic congestion and
    pollution from impacting East Vancouver neighbourhoods;
  • Implementing Vancouver’s 1999 Bicycle Plan recommendations
    to achieve a goal of 10 percent of all trips to be by bicycle by the
    2010 Olympics.

Keeping our neighbourhoods strong.

Vancouver is a multi-cultural city of diverse and distinct neighbourhoods
and communities. Neighbourhoods are where we work, shop, have fun, access
community services and make our homes.

But many communities are facing increasing pressures that threaten that
diversity. COPE has adopted measures to ensure that vulnerable occupants
of single-room housing are not displaced
by development.

COPE has also increased available housing by legalizing secondary
. Now homeowners in single-family zones can provide much needed
and affordable housing.

Unlike under the NPA, no neighbourhoods in Vancouver are being ignored.
Every community deserves to prosper.

A COPE Council will strengthen neighbourhoods by:

  • Developing a clean streets initiative for our public spaces;
  • Enhancing neighbourhood centres by encouraging a mix of retail
    and housing;
  • Opposing the expansion of gambling;
  • Completing the redevelopment of Woodwards;
  • Supporting local festivals;
  • Building a new community centre at Riley Park;
  • Building two new ice rinks at Trout Lake and Killarney;
  • Increasing social housing;
  • Developing a Chinatown, Gastown and East Hastings heritage
    revitalization initiative;

Good public services support livable communities

Vancouver is among the best cities in the world for livability.
An important measure of livability is access to good public services.

COPE is implementing the Four Pillars drug addiction
plan that saves lives in the Downtown East Side
, Cllr. David Cadman

COPE reversed the NPA’s closed-library policy and re-opened
libraries in the summer
, restored Sunday openings and increased opening
hours in community branches. Community social service agencies, arts,
cultural groups and festivals received increased funding.


The Child and Youth Advocate was reinstated after being cut by
the NPA, and a new Youth Mentor is now working with troubled youth. COPE
created a Food Policy Council was hired to promote sustainable urban agriculture,
green-roofs and community gardens. COPE Councillors supported the LGBT
community and approved a Gender Equality Strategy.


This has been achieved because COPE Councillors, Park Board Commissioners
and School Trustees have been able to effectively coordinate the provision
of public services.


Over the next three years, COPE will:

  • Convene a city-wide forum to address crystal meth use;
  • Work with residents and local communities to build new branch
    libraries in Strathcona, Kensington and Riley Park;
  • Continue implementation of the Four Pillars Plan in the Downtown
    East Side;
  • Implement the Gender Equality Strategy to make the city safer
    for women;
  • Make Vancouver more prepared for an environmental, industrial
    or natural disaster; by ensuring that Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services
    and other emergency response agencies have the necessary resources;
  • Implement the recommendations of the Council Task Force on
  • Oppose privatization of public services including P3 (public-private-partnerships)
    plans or public health and transportation services;;
  • Support keeping St Paul’s and Mt St Joseph hospitals
    in their present locations;
  • Support the recommendations of BC Attorney General Oppal and
    the BC Justice Review Task Force for a Community Justice Advisory Board
    and annual Street Crime Plan.

Creating a sustainable city

With the creation of the Cool Vancouver Task Force on Climate
Change, COPE brought business people, academics and non-governmental organizations
together for the first time in creating a climate change plan. City
operations will exceed Kyoto Protocol commitments
to reduce greenhouse
gas emissions by 2010.

COPE amended the NPA’s plans for high-rise towers at South East
False Creek, and will develop Canada’s premier mixed-use sustainable

Though the NPA wants to cut much needed social housing, in SE
False Creek, a COPE Council will ensure SE False Creek includes at least
one-third social housing, energy efficient buildings, permeable street
surfaces, a new 26-acre park, a reclaimed public shoreline, a multi-faith
centre and new community centre.

Other COPE sustainability initiatives:

  • Convert the Arbutus Corridor to a transportation greenway that
    includes parks and community gardens, cycle and pedestrian paths, and
    a street car from Granville Island to Marpole;
  • All new developments will be encouraged to meet LEED silver
    standards for energy efficiency;
  • Oppose GVRD plans to truck Lower Mainland waste to Interior
    landfill sites;
  • Replace existing street lighting with low-energy LED lights;
  • Create a sustainable energy precinct in False Creek;
  • Expanding the City’s network of bikeways.

Keeping our economy strong

Vancouver’s economy is booming. Demand for skilled
workers is outpacing supply. Construction cranes dot the horizon.

Much has been accomplished in the last three years. By legalizing
secondary suites
homeowners can provide needed and affordable housing
and help cover Vancouver’s high-cost mortgage market.

COPE will support continued economic prosperity by:

  • Supporting the efforts of the City’s Business Improvement
  • Supporting local business by asking the provincial government
    to charge a lower tax rate for small business;
  • Applying fair wage policies on all City related projects.
  • Indexing and promoting Vancouver’s ecologically based
  • Working with the community to revitalize the Knight and Kingsway
    shopping area;
  • Partnering with aboriginal agencies on employment creation
  • Promoting sustainable regional economic development;
  • Supporting appropriate growth of port and rail services.
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