Changing the Political Climate on Climate Change: Community Forum

On April 16th, the Vancouver East Green Party of Canada will play host to an innovative community event at Vancouver’s WISE Hall. The “Changing the Politics on Climate Change” forum will allow Vancouverites to speak directly with local politicians and academics to generate solutions to climate change. Speakers include two Vancouver mayoral hopefuls, and provincial and federal political candidates.
The forum features speaker Dr. Bill Rees, Professor of Community & Regional Planning at UBC, and co-creator of the “ecological footprint”. Dr. Rees will set the stage by discussing the consequences of political inaction on the issue of climate change. He states, “We’ve overshot the long-term carrying capacity of the planet to support human life.”

WHEN: 7:30pm – 10pm, Wednesday,
WHERE: Wise Hall, 1882 Adanac Street, Vancouver
Admission is by donation
Confirmed participants include:

Dr. Bill Rees (Professor, School of Community and Regional Planning, University of British Columbia)
Dr. Mike Carr (Professor, Candidate for Green Party of Canada– Vancouver East)
David Cadman (COPE City Councillor)
Damian Kettlewell, MBA (Deputy Leader, Green Party of British Columbia)
Betty Krawczyk (Vancouver mayoral candidate, Work Less Party)
Andrea Reimer (President of the Canadian Women Voters Congress, and former Vancouver School Board Trustee) – moderator

Changing the Politics on Climate Change will challenge members of the public, politicians, and experts to work together to find creative, community-level solutions to prevent climate change. Host, Dr. Mike Carr, will focus on solutions to reduce our impacts. “Healthy, local and democratic bioregional economies are the remedy to the cancer of global corporatism.”

For further information contact:
oJ-M Toriel: Speaker Director 604 733 – 5587 <><>

Changing the Political Climate on Climate Change: Community Forum