A truly exciting team of candidates has been selected at our Nomination Convention on Sunday June 10.

For Council we have the honour of being joined by
Jean Swanson: Poverty activist for four decades, COPE endorsed mayoralty candidate in 1988, Recipient of the Order of Canada in 2017, and the clearly leading progressive candidate in last fall’s by-election.
along with
Anne Roberts:  Former journalism instructor (retired) Langara College and former COPE School Board Trustee and City Councillor. Lifelong peace and justice advocate especially for women’s rights and for  the Palestinian people.
Derrick O’Keefe: A lifelong grassroots activist and organizer, Derrick has been an integral part of the movements for peace, social justice, and media democracy in Vancouver for the past two decades.
For Parks Board we have
John Irwin: SFU Lecturer in Geography,Resource & Environmental Management, Cycling advocate & sustainability activist.
Gwen Giesbrecht: President of the Britannia Board of Management, Small business owner, Long time resident of Grandview Woodlands, 2011 COPE Candidate for School Board.
And for School Board
Barb Parrott: Retired teacher, Past President and Honourary Life Member Vancouver Elementary Teachers Association.
is joining our 2017 candidate
Diana Day:  Advocate for the Indigenous Community and successful culturally safe learning environments for vulnerable youth, Former Co-Chair of the VSB District PAC.


For the 2017 by-election, our nominating conference was held on August 29 and we decided to nominate just one candidate, Diana Day, for the school board but to refrain from nominating a Council candidate so as to not split the vote with Jean Swanson who embodies our ideals at least as well as anyone we could have put forward against her.

See our candidate information page (at http://cope.bc.ca/dianaday) for more information about Diana and her campaign, or check out her own website (at http://dianadayadvocate.wordpress.com) and her facebook page and follow her on twitter (as @DianaDayDream).

You can also learn more about COPE’s overall Education Policies and the platform from our 2014 campaign.

And you can learn more about Jean Swanson at her own campaign website.