At the UN’s Bali climate change conference last year, the World Mayors Council on Climate Change agreed to a "reduction of 60 per cent greenhouse gas emissions from 1990 levels by 2050 globally, with industrialized countries to commit to 80 percent greenhouse gas reductions from 1990 levels."

Now COPE Cllr David Cadman wants Vancouver to adopt the Bali agreement  which also calls for national governments, including Canada, "to join the international community to undertake binding carbon limits to rapidly and significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions," and "reduce dependence on fossil and nuclear fuels" by building "a sustainable energy economy through energy savings and the application of new and existing renewable and high efficiency technologies."

Cadman will introduce his motion on the Bali agreement at the January 15 meeting of Vancouver City Council.

"By 2030, two thirds of humanity will live in urban centres, where today more than 50 per cent of the world’s population lives and more than 75 per cent of all energy is consumed," said Cadman. "All cities are highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, especially fast growing cities in developing countries. Cities and municipalities are centre stage when it comes to practical climate action on the ground."

Cadman, who is also international president of ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, was in Bali where he chaired the Local Government Climate Session’s that included 200 representatives of local governments from 40 countries.

In 2004 Vancouver unveiled its Cool Vancouver Climate Change Plan; only the second Canadian city to do so. The plan called for a community wide reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) to six percent below 1990 levels by 2012.

But since then, GHG emissions continue to grow. And City staff admit "meeting the community GHG reduction target of 6 percent below 1990 by 2012 will be a considerable challenge."

" It is clear that Sam Sullivan and this NPA dominated council have put little effort and leadership into implementing Vancouver’s climate change plan," said Cadman. "That is why it is even more important for us to get on board with the rest of the world and adopt the Bali local government climate agreement."

Cadman wants City to adopt Bali local governments climate agreement

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