Vancouver City Councillor David Cadman says the City can end the current strike impasse by immediately returning to the bargaining table with striking library and outside workers.

At today’s special City Council meeting Cadman will support mediator Brian Foley’s recommendations regarding CUPE 15 inside workers. As for recommendations for outside workers of CUPE 1004, and library workers of CUPE 391, Cadman will urge the City to get back to the bargaining.

While most CUPE 15 workers voted to return to work, only 58 percent of CUPE 1004 supported Foley’s recommendations; less than the two-thirds needed for ratification. Meanwhile the 775 library workers of CUPE 391 overwhelmingly rejected Foley’s proposal by more than 78 percent.

Library workers, most of whom are women, wanted pay equity across the board. Foley recommended upping wages for only 45 percent of library staffers.

“The issues separating CUPE 1004 – the outside workers – and the City are very close,” said Cadman. “We could essentially get this thing wrapped up by this weekend.”

But getting the libraries back in operation will be more difficult.

“Historically there has been continued discrimination against some working women, even at the city,” said Cadman. “Clearly the city needs to be paying people who work in our libraries the same as those who do comparable work in school and college libraries.

“And any settlement needs to be fair and equitable, and recognize the needs of all library workers. If we don’t, we are going to loose many valuable workers.”

Cadman urges return to bargaining with library and outside workers

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