Vancouver COPE Cllr David Cadman wants cities to take a bigger role in dealing with the impacts of climate change.

During the week of December 8, speaking at the recent UN Climate Change
Conference in Poznan, Poland, Cadman urged the more than 4000
international delegates to form closer partnerships between senior
governments and cities on climate protection.

“Cities are home to half of the world population, and with rapid
urbanization, two thirds of humanity will live in urban centres by
2030,” said Cadman. “Cities consume up to 80 percent of all energy and
account for up to 80 percent of humanity’s production of
greenhouse gases.

“At the same time, cities and local governments have a long record of
voluntary local climate action. If we are genuinely empowered and
resourced, we have the potential to lead on climate action and can help
to ensure that ambitious reduction targets are met.”

Cadman is the international president of ICLEI – Local Governments for
Sustainability, an international association of local governments and
regional local government organizations.

Founded in 1990 in New York when more than 200 local governments from
43 countries convened at the UN World Congress of Local Governments for
a Sustainable Future, ICLEI now includes over 1027 cities, towns,
counties, and their associations, and represents over 400 million
people worldwide. In Canada, 22 cities are members of ICLEI, including
Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, and Calgary.

To listen to an excerpt of ICLEI President David Cadman’s speech
telling national governments to recognize the role of local
governments, go to:

Cadman urges action at UN climate summit

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