After a long campaign, voters have elected a progressive majority at School Board.  I am pleased to be joining fellow COPE candidates Allan Wong, Al Blakey, and Vision Vancouver candidates Patti Bacchus, Mike Lombardi, Ken Clement, and Sharon Gregson on the Vancouver School Board.  (Really wish that Alvin and Bill were joining us – maybe next time)We have a lot of work ahead of us – moving the board back in the direction of transparency, openness, and public advocacy. We are all committed to the defense of public education – and I know we can do the work.  But we will need you, the education community, to stay involved.  We will need you to push us, and keep us accountable.  We won’t succeed without your participation.

Thanks to everyone who supported me. It is an honour and a great responsibility.


Breathing a sigh of relief for public education in Vancouver