A dialogue on Beaver Lake and biodiversity

Join Stanley Park Ecology Society, Commissioner Woodcock, Vivan Pan and the Stanley Park Ecology Society for a walk and a conversation about the future of Beaver Lake.

When: 10:30 AM, Saturday, August 7
Where: Stanley Park Pavilion (beside Malkin Bowl), 2nd floor entrance of the Stanley Park Ecology Society
What: A walk about  on the future of Beaver Lake. Free coffee – bring your own mug!

The results of the Stanley Park Ecology Society’s report on the "Ecological integrity of Stanley Park" recently led the Vancouver Park Board to request staff to report this fall on ways to improve the aquatic ecosystems in Stanley Park, most notably the impacts of the changing habitat at Beaver Lake on its biodiversity.

Invasive species, off leash dogs and global warming were cited as factors contributing to the decline of the ecological health of Stanley Park. "What surprised me the most was that Vancouver was unaware that it lost an indigenous species, the Western Painted Turtle, a species that the city of Saanich on Vancouver Island is making efforts to preserve," said Commissioner Loretta Woodcock. "Beaver Lake is the home of all types of aquatic life, however we don’t know the impact the shrinking of this lake has on its biodiversity".

Vivian Xudan Pan, a UBC sociology graduate involved in community gardens, became intrigued with the impacts of human intrusion on Stanley Parks ecology and felt an urge to do something about it.  "I am interested in finding out ways to revive the lake to it’s former natural state" enthused Vivan Pan, who met with Commissioner Woodcock and the Stanley Park Ecology Society. "I’m interested to know what the public thinks about restoring the natural ecology of Beaver Lake, so let’s have an intergenerational dialogue. This nature walk around Beaver Lake is a great opportunity to initiate that discussion".

According to Brent Granby, COPE’s Park Caucus Chair, “The Beaver Lake walk is going to be an exciting opportunity for fans of Stanley Park to explore a much loved space and discuss what are the challenges to its future and what are going to be the solutions.”

August 4, 2010 event notice: A dialogue on Beaver Lake and biodiversity

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