We call on all those who believe in the value of arts and culture in our communities to join a rally at noon on Wednesday, September 9th in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery to bring public attention to the recently announced, brutal cuts to our sector by the BC government.

to the arts and culture sector has NOT been restored; the provincial
government is planning to cut over 80% of what has consisted of only
1/20th of 1% of the provincial budget. No other provinces in Canada
have reduced support for a sector that, according to government
statistics, produces significant returns on investment. This is a
sector that creates both social and economic capital. ART WORKS!

ask you to consider the ways that arts and culture touch your daily
lives at home, in the streets, your children in schools, community
centres, on TV, your music, on the Internet, in videogames and in
theatres, museums and galleries. We ask you to think about culture as
part of our individual and community identities, a way to connect with
our diverse origins…with who we are today and with what we care about. Arts and culture are woven into the fabric of our daily lives. The arts are NOT A FRILL!

Our symbol is a grey and empty rectangle, a metaphor for a world without art and culture.

Art Strike!

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