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As homelessness rates continue to skyrocket, as house prices continue to increase, and as Vancouver becomes more unaffordable, it has become obvious that Vancouver needs a new mayor.

Vancouver needs a mayor who puts people, not real estate corporations, first.

Meena Wong is that person.

Meena will bring a fresh perspective to tackling the issues facing Vancouver. She and the COPE team will build a Vancouver that is rooted in social justice, compassion, respect, and duty to the people.

Meena Wong will create a Vancouver that everyone can afford.

Meena is committed to combat income inequality in the city of Vancouver. Once elected, COPE Councillors will seek an amendment to the Vancouver Charter to confer powers upon the City that will allow it to set a municipal minimum wage. The initial wage will be set at $15/hour with the aim of closing the gap between a minimum and a living wage (that is currently closer to $20/hr).

Meena says, “The minimum wage should be a living wage.”

A former mental-health worker and longtime mental health advocate, Meena recently spoke out against the final recommendations of the City’s Task Force on Mental Health and Addictions.

“The Mental Health Task Force has 64 members and almost all of them are politicians, CEOs, doctors and people with money and power,” said Wong. “Only three of the 64 are affected community members. I have heard loud and clear that the community is frustrated by the lack of action on affordable housing and better incomes.”

“Why have the City’s task forces consistently failed to include the voices of the people who are most affected?” asked Wong. ‘It is time for their voices to be heard.”

Meena’s Biography

Meena’s childhood experiences during the widespread purges of the Cultural Revolution in China left her with a strong sense of social justice and the passion to work for progressive change. Her political background in Canada began with the NDP in Toronto, where she met and worked with two politicians who would later be part of the federal NDP’s breakthrough in Canadian politics: Jack Layton and Olivia Chow. From 1999 to 2002, Meena Wong was assistant to Olivia Chow, then a Toronto City Councillor. Wong eventually returned to Vancouver, where she began her extensive involvement with COPE.

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