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Ilana Shecter is a student politician and environmental activist in Vancouver, British Columbia. She is seeking a position on Vancouver’s School Board with COPE.

Heralded as “the resurgence of the campus left” by the Ubyssey, Ilana Shecter has made a name for herself as a prominent student politician and activist at the University of British Columbia. In her campaign for the Board of Governors, Shecter’s passion and resilience brought environmental issues and the Divest UBC initiative to the forefront of the debate. Shecter has also been a strong voice for the creation of safer and more inclusive spaces for students, after seeing the university administration suggest things like ‘increased lighting’ to solve deeper issues of sexism on campus. Ilana Shecter is also passionate about empowering youth to reflect critically on both the consequences of and solutions to climate change, from both economic and social justice perspectives.

Away from UBC, Ilana Shecter has worked in the field of experiential learning, leading over 500 students on education school trips across Canadian cities, where she is consistently reminded of the unmatched creativity of today’s students. Shecter is passionate about harness that creativity both inside and outside the classroom, to create a better, healthier, and more sustainable future for all generations.

Ilana is passionate about broadening the scope of what counts as education, believing strongly in the values of experiential learning, mentorship, and creating community hubs to offer a more holistic vision for youth empowerment. Her candidacy to become a COPE trustee on the VSB is focused on using these passions to:
– Co-create a Students’ Environmental Bill of Rights that will be student-led, creative, and participatory in order to educate students on the problems and solutions of climate change.
– Implement meaningful youth-led partnerships and mentorships through sustainable programming and educational talks
– Continue advocating for anti-poverty and anti-discrimination policies in Vancouver schools
Refuse to implement funding cuts to public education