“Time to sweep the mega-developer and big business funded parties from our City Hall.” – Sid Chow Tan



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Local community organizer and noted anti-racism advocate, Sid Chow Tan, will be running with COPE for Vancouver City Council in the upcoming municipal election.

Renowned Vancouver-wide as a passionate advocate for local residents, Sid is best known for his decades of work in the struggle for redress of the Chinese head tax and exclusion laws. A community organizer and media and communications producer, Sid has helped found and build many organisations in Vancouver and across Canada to fill community and personal needs. Since 1994, he has coordinated volunteers to produce a weekly scheduled community television program in Metro Vancouver, currently named ACCESS Community Television.

Tan announced his candidacy at a press conference outside of the Ming Sun building alongside the Oppenheimer park protest. “We are all here today because we care about this city and its diverse communities. We care about members of our community who are mistreated. Who suffer poverty and discrimination.” Tan stated to the impassioned crowd. “The idea is to build a city so everyone can live in dignity!”