Facebook-20140730-032344“I am seeking nomination for COPE City Council because I strongly believe that Vancouver needs to build strong, inclusive, and sustainable communities. A COPE City Council will bring much needed reform to the developer driven agenda at City Hall. City Hall needs to provide for the needs and aspirations of all its residents while minimizing its environmental foot print. Vision and the NPA have very poor records with regard to their providing for the needs of our city’s most marginalized and seem to be majorly focused on the desires of the wealthiest. Together we can be build a strong, inclusive and sustainable future for Vancouver.” – John Yano

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John Yano is a social and environmental justice advocate, and is currently a member of the BCNDP executive, federal and provincial riding NDP executives. He is also a former HEU shop steward, member of local executive and member of two provincial union committees including the LGBT Standing Committee. He currently sits as COPE’s LGBQ Representative on its executive. He is also a red seal journeyman chef.