Sunday, November 13th, 2011

Vancouver- NPA Mayoral candidate Suzanne Anton has sparked anger from two Filipino families after she used their daughters’ faces in her campaign literature without the parents’ consent.

The leaflet features Suzanne Anton posing with two Filipino girls at a cultural event. The parents however, were never consulted about the picture being taken, or published. The photo is featured in the NPA’s promotional material, and is being distributed by Anton herself, across the city.

“Doesn’t she have her own supporters to take pictures with?” asked Cliff Belgica, the father of one of the girls featured in the photo. “Why does she need to steal our children?”

“It’s not right,” he continued. “We were never even asked. It is very shameful behavior – especially for someone who wants to be mayor.”

“We demand an apology from Anton herself, and assurance that this leaflet will no longer be handed out,” added Belgica.

The family is seeking legal counsel on the matter and is considering legal action. “We want to ensure that the NPA doesn’t use any other children or families for their material, when they aren’t aware of it, and do not want to be associated with the them,” said Belgica.


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Anton Uses Photo of Children in Campaign Literature Without Parental Consent