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Everyone, please start preparation for our 2016 Issues Meeting to be held

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 2016 – 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
ST. JAMES COMMUNITY SQUARE, 3214 West 10th Avenue

The Civic Election is set for October 20, 2018. When we hold our annual Issues Meeting on Sunday, November 20th it will be 23 short months away. Vision Vancouver is campaigning every day to stay in power and carry out their developers’ agenda that is tragically out of balance with the needs of Vancouver residents.

COPE is preparing for the next election and one of our first tasks is to review our policy and revise it. As the Progressive Civic Election Party our Coalition makes this task part of our political work. We look to you, each one of our members, for this important work to be done with community organizations and residents alike. COPE is not a Coalition of Progressive Electors without our
active membership. We need your input – your hard facts, your assessments of the issues and what we COPE can do to bring BALANCE back to City Hall.

COPE policy needs to be expanded so that COPE members have firm policy from which to speak to current issues and developments among the rest of the community. Here is the link to our current policy:

Start today by reading it, thinking about it, talking to your friends, colleagues and family. Then share your work and ideas with your COPE Executive. Our Policy and Constitution Committee will coordinate the policy suggestions and put them together by category for consideration by the membership on November 20, 2016. Send your ideas to  with the word ‘policy’ in the subject line.


The meeting will also include by-elections for three Member-at-Large positions with terms expiring in 2017 which arise from the election of current Members-at-Large to other executive positions.

Equity Representative Positions may also be selected at the Equity Plenary (more information to follow in a separate email), and subsequently ratified by a vote of the Membership at the General Meeting.

Announcing COPE’s Annual Issues Meeting