The Executive Committee of the Coalition of Progressive Electors is the only elected committee in COPE. It meets monthly (see posted minutes) to administer the organization in between General Membership meetings. Some of the positions on the Executive have additional responsibilities, and are called “table officer positions.” These positions (and their responsibilities as outlined in the by-laws) are described on our page on how to run for the Executive.

You can contact the COPE Executive Committee by sending an email to and requesting that it be forwarded to the full Executive.


1ff5233 CONNIE HUBBS (CO-CHAIR) began her activism with the women’s movement and was an active union member with CUPE, CUPW and the BCTF. She founded three not for profit organizations that are still operating and over the last 20 years has worked in the area of fundraising and philanthropy assisting hundreds of organizations raise funds. Connie currently chairs the Diversity and Inclusion Committee of the Association of Fundraising Professionals and is a dedicated Toastmaster. Vancouver is a beautiful city that has many challenges. Connie believes COPE’s role is to represent those who are marginalized and to promote fairness in public life.
Untitled-1 TIM LOUIS (CO-CHAIR) is a practicing lawyer who has been actively involved in Vancouver civic politics for over twenty-five years. Tim has lived and worked in Vancouver all his adult life. From his early days as a law student at UBC – during which time he co-founded Vancouver’s custom transit service for people with disabilities (HandyDART), through to his terms as an elected official on both Park Board and City Council, Tim has listened to, and advocated on behalf of, communities across Vancouver.Tim believes Vancouver’s voters want a City Hall free from the control of developers, a City Hall that puts the interests of working people, the unemployed and the underemployed at the top of the agenda.
 Penny Parry  PENNY PARRY (TREASURER) is a retired psychologist/youth worker who has morphed into a fine art photography artist.  Her politics are rooted in personal values which she had role modeled for her by her parents.  In addition to being a longtime COPE member, Penny has extensive experience, both on the frontline and on the board, of a number of not-for-profit societies – which speaks to her strong commitment to social change in our community.  With regard to the role of Treasurer, Penny has a good overall grasp of COPE as an organization, as well as a longstanding, solid and current knowledge base with regard to COPE’s finances and its legal financial reporting duties.  Penny has been an active member of COPE’s Finance Committee for the past 5 years,  was an active member of the fundraising committee in recent years, and served as COPE’s Financial agent for the 2005 Election.
  JOHN YANO (MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY) and (EQUITY REPRESENTATIVE LGBQP CAUCUS)  Red seal journeyman cook. Social and environmental justice advocate. Born in Niagara Falls Ontario to parents who were born in Vancouver. Grew up in Toronto and lived for a number of years in Alberta prior to moving to Vancouver in 1999. Studied Organic Chemistry at University of Waterloo. Received diploma in Culinary Management from George Brown College. Currently a member of the BCNDP executive, federal and provincial riding NDP executives. Former HEU shop steward, member of local executive and member of two provincial union committees including the LGBT Standing Committee. Former delegate to the VDLC for HEU St. Paul’s Hospital Local.
 Anita Romaniuk March 2015 ANITA ROMANIUK(CORRESPONDING SECRETARY) Into Parks & Recreation decades before the TV show. MBA with a social conscience. Long-time political and community activist locally, provincially, and federally. Seven-time Park Board candidate with COPE and two-time provincial candidate with the NDP. Former Chair of Park Board (2004) and Chair of its Finance Committee (2003-2005). Currently active with Vancouver Society for Promotion of Outdoor Pools and Save Our Parklands Society.
 Wilson photo WILSON MUNOZ (FUNDRAISER) has been a financial and property administrator, community organizer and social activist for the past 25 years, who has and will focus on the following issues: using the Property Endowment Fund to create affordable and social housing for the 99% including the Eco-density Charter; senior’s issues including healthcare, social housing and transportation; addressing complex issues of the Downtown Eastside including an effective police force and prostitution legalization; reforming campaign financing for civic parties accountability; using the concept of the ward system and proportional representation to make civic politicians accountable to the public; and reaching out and organizing grassroots and progressive organizations for the benefit of COPE and the Citizens of Vancouver.
 geThYX8Z YAHARA MUNOZ(MEMBER-AT-LARGE) She currently belongs to the cultural committee of the Latin American Cultural Centre of BC and volunteers for the Latino Soy 96.1 FM radio program. She has also been working with several solidarity groups since 2004 and supports environmental leaders from Latino America. Yahara has been a Building Manager for seven years and an Early childhood Educator for eight years.
Kombil KOMBII NANJALAH (MEMBER-AT-LARGE) sat on the executive of BCGEU local 003 serving as a Member at Large. In the past she has organized low-income youth in Nairobi, and in 2002 started working in the second largest slum in Africa, called Kibera, where she worked to organize, educate and empower women and youth. Kombii currently works with mentally and physically handicapped children for Pathway Community Services where she manages a group home.
Jennifer JENNIFER O’KEEFFE (MEMBER-AT-LARGE) is an advocate for educational rights and social-justice. A former COPE candidate for city council, she currently sits on COPE’s Finance Committee and Executive. O’Keeffe fought vigorously against program closures at Capilano University, meeting with Christy Clark and other elected officials during the 2013 provincial election, pursuing government intervention in efforts to preserve programs. Her diligence revealed numerous financial ‘irregularities’ in Capilano’s budget, and she collaborated with MLA David Eby in his investigations into the overpayment of administrative personnel at various post-secondary institutions.
lawrence_id01 LAWRENCE BOXALL(MEMBER-AT-LARGE) is an anti-war and social justice activist, and socialist. Before moving to Vancouver in 1981, he was an alternative journalist, an active participant in South Africa’s radical, anti-racist student movement, and served a term as President of the Western Cape Branch of the South African Typographical Union. Lawrence began to participate in politics in his new country as the VCC Student Representative to Operation Solidarity in 1983. He has been a member of Jews for a Just Peace, Independent Jewish Voices, StopWar, the International Socialists, and the Vancouver Ecosocialist Group as well as being a veteran of the anti-Apartheid struggle in South Africa. He has served a term on the board of The Co-operative Housing Federation of BC. As a supporter of COPE for the past 30 year, Lawrence sees his term on the COPE Executive as an opportunity to promote unity amongst the left in Vancouver.
  MEENA WONG (MEMBER-AT-LARGE) Founder of Civic Engagement Network. Community Outreach Dim Sum organizer2011 Candidate for Member of Parliament in Vancouver South2014 Mayoral Candidate for COPEAffordable housing advocate
 Kathryn Cholette KATHRYN CHOLETTE (MEMBER-AT-LARGE) Kathryn Cholette has a BA in Anthropology and Sociology, and a Master of Liberal Studies where she explored institutional and ideological pathways to sustainability.
She has been an activist for 35 years, focusing on social justice, Bioregionalism, and green cities. In the early 90s she co-coordinated the Tin Wis Coalition of First Nations, unions, and environmental groups.  She is a Left-Green who served as the Federal Leader of the Green Party of Canada from 1988-1990.
 terrymartin_NSV_2011 TERRY MARTIN  (MEMBER-AT-LARGE) Terry Martin is a former Chair of the Vancouver Board of Variance. He has been the owner of several small businesses in Vancouver and a renovation contractor for 20 years. Terry also worked in the mental health field for 9 years.Terry’s diverse background and experience gives him an in depth knowledge of many issues and the ability to be an effective and knowledgeable advocate for all of the people and neighbourhoods of Vancouver. This knowledge includes many issues of small businesses; neighbourhood development; the ghettoization of mental patients resulting in a dramatic increase in homelessness; the need for a Board of Variance that is independent, accessible, and effective; and the need to re-instate third party appeals that were lost to Vancouverites.
Stephen moved to the Downtown Eastside (in Vancouver) in 1992. At first, he found some aspects of life in the area frightening but, as time went on, and with the involvement of friends, he grew to care deeply for the community. He loves the character, heart and courage of the Downtown Eastside. He has learned much about the human spirit and its will to survive in spite of all the challenges it encounters.
Stephen enjoys poetry, creative writing and acting. Something he particularly loves about acting is the ability to share a message in a way that provokes thought and feelings without preaching. He believes artists must think about how their work is presented, keeping in mind that sensitive issues can negatively impact audience members after they leave. Stephen believes that the arts help shed light on the issues of our community, uplift the spirit, and play a key role in building bridges to other communities.
Stephen participates in the Carnegie Community Choice and Mothers and Grandfathers drum group. He sits on the on the boards for Carnegie Community Centre and urban ink, Aboriginal network on disabilities society, Roundtable Dialogue in Community and speaks at city council regarding issues such as housing, homelessness, missing women, residential schools and addictions.