COPE By-Election Nomination Meeting

August 29th, 2017 7:30pm, St. James Community Square

Chair: Connie Hubbs

Minutes: Sara Sagaii

Call to Order: 7:33pm

Territorial Acknowledgement: Stephen Lytton

Approval of the agenda

Amendment by Michael Lebowitz, Seconded by Alan Cooper Motion to insert a section on ‘interpretation of the COPE constitution’ (after ‘By-law Amendment’ and before ‘Report from the Vetting Committee’)”Motion Carried.

Amendment by Gary Jarvis, seconded by Gretchen Dulmage:

Motion to move the fundraising item (which is after school board election) up in the agenda (to before ‘By-law amendment’).”Motion Carried

Agenda approved as Amended

  • Approval of the minutes from Feb 19, 2017: Moved by Alan Cooper, seconded by John Yano. Motion Carried
  • Fundraising Pitch and Report: Wilson Munoz
  • By-Law Amendment: Moved by Terry Martin, Seconded by Alan Cooper
  • Reduce the notice of meetings time to no less than 21 days.” (note: The intent of this is for by-elections ). Motion Carried.
  • Discussion of the Interpretation of the COPE constitution
  • Motion by Alan Cooper, seconded by Mark Matthews: “It is the understanding of this meeting that COPE constitution does not preclude recommending 0 members for nomination.” Motion Carried.
  • Motion by Michael Lebowitz, (friendly) amended by Irwin, Seconded by Gayle Gavin: “It is consistent with the COPE constitution to welcome Jean Swanson as a candidate for council because of her historic and continuing struggles on behalf of working class Vancouverites”Motion Carried.
  • Motion by Alicia Barsallo, seconded by Raymond Tomlin: “That this meeting endorse the candidacy of Jean Swanson”. Overruled: Chair rules to continue with the current agenda, instead of discussing this motion.
  • Report from the vetting committee: by John Yano as the membership secretary: “The vetting committee approves three nominees Wilson Munoz, Krishna Mulder, and Terry Martin. And one nominee for the school board: Diana Day.”
  • Recommendations from the Election Planning Committee on the number of candidates to nominate and endorse in the 2017 by-election:
  • Motion by John Yano, seconded by Jennifer O’Keeffe, to adopt the recommendations of Election Planning Committee that we run one candidate for council and one for school board.

Amended by the mover after some discussion: ‘To accept the recommendation of EPC to run one candidate for the school board’ (candidate for council to be discussed subsequently). Motion Carried unanimous

  • Motion by Mel Lehan, seconded by John Irwin, That we nominate Diana Day as COPE School Board candidate. Motion Carried unanimously.
  • Motion by John Yano, seconded by Gayle Gavin:That we adopt EPC’s recommendation to run one of the three named candidates for council”. Motion defeated.
  • Motion by Alicia Barsallo, seconded by Raymond Tomlin That this meeting endorse the candidacy of Jean Swanson. Motion carried.
  • Final report from the fundraising committee: $763 raised in this meeting.

Jean Swanson addresses Members and thanks them for endorsing her candidacy.

(remaining items tabled)

Meeting adjourned at 10:09pm