COPE General Meeting
Climate Justice Climate Jobs
Russian Hall
February 19, 2017

12 noon meeting opens
call to order 12:30 (quorum reached at 12:50)
Iron and Earth Presentation (12:30-1:05) by Connie
Q & A
Territorial Acknowledgement: Connie
Approval of Agenda: Moved by Tim, Seconded by Chris. All in favour. Passed.
Approval of Minutes
April 17, 2016: Tim (M), Terry (S). Carried.
September 29, 2016: Sean(M), Anita (S). Carried.
November 20, 2016: Gayle’s additions, spelling mistakes be corrected. John (M), Terry (S)
Tim nominates Terry Martin, Anita Seconds.
John nominates Kathryn Cholette, Terry Seconds.
Alan nominates Bilyana Ward, Sara Seconds.
Kathryn and Terry accept nomination, Bilyana does not.
Motion to approve elections of Terry and Kathryn.
Alan (M), Susanne (S).
Elected by acclamation.
Motions from November Issues Meeting (Gayle) [See the appendix for the text of the motions
after amendments]
+ Transportation
Item 1: Chris (M), Marilyn (S). friendly amendment by Tim (add the word ‘required’ before
‘tower’). All in favour. Carried.
Item 2: Chris (M), Jennifer(S). friendly amendment by John (modification of the last sentence)
Item 3: Anita (M), Jennifer (S). All in favour. Carried.
Item 4: Wilson(M), Timothy(S). All in favour. Carried.
+ Housing:
Item 1: Timothy(M), John (S). friendly amendment by John (changing citizens to residents).
Marilyn moves to refer the motion to the Housing Cttee. Seconded by Anita.
5 people in favour of referring. Motion defeated.
Motion to amend by Alan (add the 4th clause). Sara seconds. All in favour. Carried.
Friendly amendment by Chris to add “total family” to the 1st clause.
Motion by Tim to amend (adding ‘if upzoned’), Alan seconds. Carried.
Motion by Michael to amend the ending of the 3rd clause. Alan seconds. Carried.
Voting on the motion:
Opposed: Sara, Marilyn, Terry. Motion Passed.
+ Parks
Item 1: Wilson (M), Anita (S). friendly amendment by Anita.
Michael moves to refer the motion to the executive. Gayle seconds. All in favour. Passed

BC Provincial Election: Importance to Vancouver and other Municipalities
Gayle moves that COPE take an active role in the provincial election in outreaching to the electorate in
putting our position forward to the electorate and to lobby the candidates and the parties to bring in the
provincial policies that enable city council to enact COPE’s policies for the residents of Vancouver.
Jennifer seconds. All in favour. Carried.

Adjourned: 3:15pm.