Minutes of the COPE Executive Meeting, September 24, 2017

Present: Tim, Penny, Connie, John, Wilson, Anita, Jennifer, Timothy, Yahara, Lawrence, Kathryn

Absent: Kombii, Terry, Meena, Stephen

Guest: Diana Day

Meeting called to Order by Tim Louis, who was chairing the meeting.

Approval of Agenda with two additions:

  1. Motion by Connie
  2. Diana Day to speak to Executive

Moved: Connie, Seconded Penny, Carried

Minutes of 2017-08-07: M/S/C


Fundraising: Wilson – the Sept 5 fundraiser raised $1000

Previously scheduled fundraiser for Sept 27 cancelled and rescheduled for Feb 15, 2018

with the theme, “A Tribute to Tim”.

Housing: No Report; Committee has not met since the last Executive Meeting

EDOC – No report

PCC – No report

EDOC – Recommendation for AGM Nov 12 at Russian Hall – Moved Connie, Seconded John, Carried

Anita arrived at this point and asked if the minutes of 2017-08-07 had been passed. She requested that she be able to make an amendment to these minutes at the October 2017 Executive Meeting if she can determine what item from the minutes of either July 12 or July 23 2017 was amended at the Aug 7 meeting. This request was granted.

Membership Report:

Moved by John Yano, Seconded by Anita, that the Membership List be Approved. Carried.

Equity Reports – None

Communications Committee: Jennifer

  1. Signs – Use the same yellow background for both the by-election and the 2018 election to save on costs. No white on sign so only two colours, also to save money
  2. Brochures are in progress. External printing should be in a union shop if we are hoping for an endorsement. Note that Gramma’s is no longer a union shop. Brochures for Farmer’s Markets can be done quickly & cheaply on COPE’s printer. Brochures for All-Candidate’s Meetings and any mailouts should be done professionally. Jennifer and

Lawrence to look into the cheapest union printer. Connie noted that the deadline is looming.

  1. Advance Polls: Communications should be directed to getting as many supporters as possible out to the Advanced Polls on October 4 & 10.
  2. Twitter/Facebook/Other Social media – on voting days, communications must be limited to urging people to get out and vote.

Moved: Jennifer, Seconded: Wilson, that the Communications Report be Received. Carried.

Finance Committee Report:

Penny summarized the June – August Financials.

Draft Campaign Budget:

Moved: John, Seconded: Jennifer, to accept the Draft Campaign Budget as a conditional budget. If revenues reach additional targets, then the budget should be adjusted accordingly to maximize publicity and organizing. Carried.

Note that the Draft Budget included allocating some PAC donations to the campaign during the by-election period.


  1. COPE to participate in Haram Vancouver March on August 26 (?) at no cost – not sure if this was done & it is now moot.
  2. COPE to participate in the Labour Day Celebrations at Holland Park in Surrey on Sept 4, provided that the fee is no greater than $100. No one was assigned to follow-up and no one did. Diana, Connie, and some others went informally. Diana was able to talk to numerous people, many responding favourably. Diana and Connie engaged Joey Hartman. DONE
  3. Terry to look into the possibility of borrowing NSV’s sign wires for the by-election. MOOT
  4. Lawrence to look into the cost of outsourcing printing of the brochures.
  5. Vetting Committee to consist of John & Anita, who will vet candidates and report to the Nominating Conference. DONE
  6. Jennifer to Update 2014 Candidate Nomination Guide and post to website. DONE
  7. Gayle to ask Daryl if COPE can borrow his sound system for the Nominating Conference.
  8. John Yano & Alan Cooper to prepare for Registration at the Nominating Conference. DONE
  9. Election Planning Committee to consider an appropriate Chair for the Nominating Conference.
  10. Election Planning Committee to meet and set Agenda for Nominating Conference. DONE, although there were two somewhat different agendas subsequently floated.

New Business:

Motion from Connie: That COPE make a donation from its general account to enable COPE to produce a flyer saying that COPE endorses Jean Swanson and distribute 500 copies. These flyers would be given to the Jean Swanson campaign for distribution.

Seconded: Kathryn.

Proposed Amendment: That the current Financial Agent get written confirmation from Elections BC as to whether this is allowed under the Election Act. Connie said she had spoken to EBC and they told her this was allowed. John said that he would approach EBC if the motion passed. There are no movers or seconders for this amendment and it does not appear to have been voted on.

Voting on the Main Motion:

In Favour: Connie, Kathryn, Penny, Lawrence

Opposed: John, Wilson, Yahara, Anita, Jennifer, Timothy

Motion failed.

Motion to strike a Sub-Committee to oversee the process of the Election. Sub-Committee should consist of John, Connie, and Diana. Any decisions should be communicated to the Executive for accountability.

M/S/C – do not have Mover & Seconder recorded.

Moved: Lawrence – that all Minutes include the previous month’s email decisions in the minutes. My notes do not have seconder for the motion, only that there was a discussion. This appears to be a work-in-progress.

There was a question concerning the eligibility of some voters at the Nominating Meeting on August 29. Only those who took out memberships before the 30-Day Cutoff, or who had lapsed within 24 months and then renewed, were allowed to vote. Others present at the meeting could speak but were not entitled to vote.