Minutes of COPE Executive Meeting – June 25, 2017

Attendees: Anita Romaniuk (Chair & Minute Taker), Kathryn Cholette, Lawrence Boxall, Tim O’Keeffe, John Yano, Wilson Munoz, Yahara Munoz, Penny Parry (by phone), Tim Louis (by phone).

  1. Yahara Munoz gave the 1ST Nations Territorial Acknowledgment.
  2. The Agenda was M/S/C with a couple of additions.
  3. Minutes of the May 28 2017 Executive Meeting M/S/C
  1. To-Dos from May Executive Meeting:
    1. BCTF Press Release – Delays because of provincial election, BCTF people not available, then Lawrence not available due to health issues (Rollover – Lawrence)
    2. Jennifer to provide finance committee with cost needs for in house or outside production of promo material. Finance Committee needs to include budget line for communications committee promo material in non-election years. Estimate $500/year with re-evaluation at end of this year. Finance Committee Approved. There will be a separate campaign budget during election year and a budget for all Election Planning Committee activities. DONE
    3. Doodle for confirmation that 3 pm works for June 25 meeting. MOOT
    4. COPE response to NDP Climate Plan SFU April 25 (Jennifer). ROLLOVER
    5. Office Closure Plan – see Finance Committee report (Penny). DONE
    6. Let the landlord (Graham) know of the decision to defer the decision on renting the office- see Finance Committee Report (Penny). DONE
    7. Penny is not running again for Treasurer. Need to find someone else. John to contact Paul Houle to see if he would consider doing this. ROLLOVER (John)
    8. Connie will work on access to 2014 Dropbox for the Communications Committee ROLLOVER.
    9. Wilson to send Jennifer the details needed for promo of upcoming fundraising event. DONE – see Fundraising Report.
  1. Committee Reports
    1. Communications – Jennifer unable to attend, so no report.
    2. Finance Committee :
      1. Office Closure – Penny will give Graham Webber notice as of July 31 of vacating office as of August 31. Penny to send email of entire motion to Anita to include with minutes. There will be cost savings because of:
        1. Insurance – landlord requires high liability
        2. Landlord wants increase from $500 to $750 per month as of Sept 1, and will not rent month-to-month after that. Discussion of whether $750 was fair given small office size.
        3. Because she was unable to attend the meeting, Jennifer relayed to Penny that she was in favour of closing the office.
        4. Could possibly get another one in the future.

Office Closure

(ii) Next Steps (wrt Office Closure) – Penny to send email to the Executive of necessary tasks for closing the office and asks people to volunteer for certain tasks.

Finance Report – Moved: Lawrence, Seconded Tim Louis. Carried.

    1. Membership Report (John) – Our membership is down to 156. It was 400 in the last period. Close to 20% are invalid. Some were entered as multi-year payments. Suggestion that some memberships are expiring when credit card expiry dates change. Suggestion to ask Alan Cooper if he could look into the credit card expiry date issue.

John Moved, Timothy O Seconded. M/S/C.

    1. Fundraising Committee – Wilson has booked the Russian Hall for the July 22 Event from 6:30 PM to 1 AM. Wilson moved acceptance of report, Timoth seconded. Carried.
    1. Anita gave a summary of Housing Committee activities. There was a spirited and wide-ranging discussion.

No report from EDOC or GMOC.

  1. Equity Reports:
    1. LGBT (John)
      1. Eastside Pride – John, Gretchen, Anita, Wilson, and Yahara attended. Organizer who talked to John told him that they appreciated our consistent support.
      2. Dyke March – The event is August 5 in Grandview Park. There is also a march to the park. John has sent in an application.
      3. Black Lives Matter is having an alternate Pride March or Demostrations w/o police presence on August 7 at 5 pm. Location TBA.

John moved acceptance of report. Seconded by Timothy. Carried.

  1. New Business:
    1. Motion to move meeting time for July 23 Meeting to 11 am. – Moved: Wilson, Seconded Lawrence. Carried.

Meeting Adjourned at 4:45 PM.