Minutes of COPE Executive Meeting – August 7, 2017-08-07

In attendance: Tim Louis, Penny Parry, Connie Hubbs, Yahara Munoz, Wilson Munoz, Terry Martin, Jennifer O’Keeffe, Anita Romaniuk (voting members), Gayle Gavin (Chair of PCC – non-voting)

Territorial Acknowledgement by ????? (recorder was not present so this is unknown).

  1. Adoption of Agenda for Executive Meeting – M/S/C
  2. Adoption of Special Meeting Minutes of 2017-07-12 – M/S/C
  3. Adoption of Minutes of 2017-07-23 Executive Meeting – M/S/
  1. To-Do’s from Previous Meetings:
  1. COPE Office Clear-out – Penny Parry has the list of assigned tasks and will distribute them. The date of the office move will be Sept 2 2017. Anita & Wilson to supply vehicles.
  1. Chinatown Action Group Petition & Community Document: – Moved Tim, Seconded John, That COPE endorse the petition & the background document, and sign the petition. Carried.
  2. HaramVancouver – Moved: Tim, Seconded: Penny – That COPE participate in the March at no cost. Carried.
  3. Labour Day Picnic – Moved: John, Seconded: Yahara – That COPE participate in the Labour Day Celebration in Holland Park on 2017-09-04, provided that the fee is no greater than $100. Carried.
  4. 2017 By-election Preparations:
  1. Fundraising Report – Wilson presented his report on the September 5 event at the Russian Hall. Tickets will be $20 each, with some donated tickets available. There will be chips & salsa on the tables, and more substantial food available for a charge. The sound system will be donated. Moved: Wilson, Seconded John, to accept this report. Carried.
  2. Campaign Budget (Gayle)

It was noted by Penny that the budget will change the plan for 2018, due to some of the savings from the office closure being put towards the 2017 By-election Campaign. Terry said that he might be able to borrow sign wires from Neighbourhoods for a Sustainable Vancouver. Lawrence will look into the cost of outsourcing the printing of brochures. $10,000 in donations has been pledged. We need to raise another $10,000.

To-Do: Terry to look into possibility of borrowing sign wires from NSV.

To-Do: Lawrence to look into the cost of outsourcing the printing of brochures.

Moved: Tim, Seconded Penny, that money only be spent if that money has already been raised. Defeated.

Gayle reported on a fundraising event to be held in late September of early October at Fraserview Hall. Moved: Tim, Seconded: Penny – that the event should sell tickets at the lowest price ($50) and offer the lowest price meal ($25). Carried.

Moved: Wilson, Seconded Tim, that the event be held on Thursday Sept 28. It was noted that this is the first day of the Film Festival. Defeated.

Moved: Anita, Seconded: Wilson, that the event be held on Wednesday Sept 27. Carried.

Moved: Tim, Seconded: John, to accept the 2017 By-election fundraising report. Carried.

  1. Candidate Vetting: Moved: Penny, Seconded: Tim – to set up a small candidate vetting committee. Carried. Moved: Tim, Seconded: Wilson, that John & Anita will form the committee. Carried.

To-Do: John and Anita to Vet Candidates & Report to the Nominating Meeting

  1. Jennifer offered to update the 2014 Candidate Nomination Guide for use in the 2017 By-election. Moved: Terry, Seconded: John, to have the Nomination Guide and Nomination procedure posted on the website. Gayle noted that candidates are required to support COPE policy.

To-Do: Jennifer to Update 2014 Candidate Nomination Guide & Post to Website

  1. Nominating Conference: Gayle will ask Daryl if we can use his sound system. John & Alan to handle registration. Discussion on Chair for Nominating Conference, deferred to Election Planning Committee.

To-Do: John & Alan to Prepare for Registration at the Nominating Conference

To-Do: Election Planning Committee to consider appropriate chair for Nominating Conference.

  1. Election Planning Committee – Moved: Tim, Seconded: Terry. To Strike an Election Planning Committee, and charge it with setting the Agenda for the Nominating Conference. There was a friendly amendment that John would chair the EPC. Carried.

It was decided that the Election Planning Committee should be composed of the Executive, minus any members who are considering running for a nomination.

To-Do: Election Planning Committee to meet and set Agenda for Nominating Conference.

The meeting was adjourned.