Table Officers Meeting Convened at 2:08 January 22, 2017

Present: Connie, Penny, Anita, Timothy, Jennifer, John and Gayle

1.Agenda MSC

Minutes : Amend to include presence of John Minutes approval MSC

2. To Dos

-Lawrence prepared a Facebook letter which received a large amount of traction wrt LRT in WPG

-Lawrence contacted the BCTF no response from them as yet

-John to follow up with Jennifer re COPE logo on website

Executive Convened at 2:22 pm

Attending: Connie Hubbs, Penny Parry, Anita Romaniuk, Wilson Munoz, Yahara Munoz, Gayle Gavin, Jennifer O’Keeffe, Timothy O’Keeffe, John Yano, Meena Wong, Lawrence Boxall.

Guest: Chris Shelton

1. Committee Reports

i) Finance Committee – Penny Parry

Motions arising from Finance Report:

MOVED: Acceptance of Financial Report by Penny, Seconded by Yharah.

Amendment Proposed by Wilson: Revenue Conference Line & Solicitations under Fundraising by $350 for Conferences and $150 for Solicitation. Meena Seconded. Carried.

Main Motion Carried.

Thank you to Penny, Alan, and Finance Committee

ii) Fundraising – Wilson Munoz

Fiesta Conference on Transportation, more on Housing? Environmental (Jennifer), Multicultural (Meena).

Involve Unions, Neighbourhoods. Seek out venues where rent is low and have access to kitchen, sell donated food.-

Flesh Out Fundraising Plan with Calendar. John offers to help Wilson on this.

iii) Council – (Meena Wong)

Various members attended Workshop & Council on Budget (end of Nov & Dec 7).

Dec 6 – Joyce Station Open House. Dec 13 to Council. Only person to speak against was Marilyn Hogan. Adrian Dix spoke in favour. Wilson & Yahara spoke to Dix afterwards.

Jan 24 – Chinatown – on development where demolishing buildings. Science World at 5:15 PM on Jan 24. Open House on Keefer on Chinatown development on Jan 10, very well attended. Organized by Youth and the Seniors organization. Filled out forms. Memorial on Chinese workers disappeared. “New” China money funding highrises. Melanie Mark’s assistant who speaks Mandarin acting as interpreter but sounded like she was a salesperson. The City rented the Hall (Sun Yat Sen?) which had sales display. Developer paid for interpreter. Jennifer suggested writing Op Ed.

Gayle – City’s modus operandi – holding meetings about the new tunnel (Broadway Corridor) starting on Jan 28.

Wilson – Council Committee should meet before to decide strategy.

Jennifer – BC Hydro considering putting electrical substations under parks & schools underground.

iv) Housing Rally – Jan 27 at Vancouver City Hall at 4 PM. Walk between Broadway Transit Statio & City Hall. (Wilson)

v) GMOC Report – Connie Moved, Penny Seconded.

Iron & Earth preparing for transition from fossil fuels to non-carbon fuels & industry. Sending speakers to Feb 19 GM.

Jennifer & Timothy suggested inviting Harold Steeves, Richmond City Councillor who has done work on this.

Motion carried.

vi) EDOC – Looking for help getting Pride Events together. John to take lead on organizing for events.

vii) – Labour Meeting – on Dec 14. Discussion on doing Labour pamphlet (Gayle)

viii) PCC – (Gayle) – Contact members who put forward motions who are not on the Executive.

  • Possible Retreat – one topic could be how to conduct meetings.

Connie has access to parliamentarian. Contacted & would be willing to attend Retreat. Lawrence has forwarded truncated version of Robert Rules. Most appreciated.

Lawrence moved to append truncated Robert Rules for running meetings. John seconded. Carried.

ix) Communications (Jennifer) – attracting media, good signs. CBC contacted COPE recently. Request retweets of COPE tweets. Followers on Twitter increasing. Will have Communications Committee meeting soon.

2. Other Business

i) LRT Motion – petition on Broadway Corridor. Motion from Committee putting this together. EChris from Kitsilano. (get information).

Lawrence moved, Timothy seconded –

Vision is now holding meetings on this Phase 2 (to Arbutus). Their developer backers want to develop the Broadway corridor with highrises. Carried.

Send Press Release on this. Jennifer to draft.

ii) (a) Anita will follow up on Electrical Substations under parks & schools

(b) Anita moved, Penny seconded. Anita to write letter before noon Monday Jan 23 on Park Board’s Aquarium motion. Will circulate to Executive.

iii) COPE Unity – Lawrence. Upset at infighting. Respect while allowing for differences on issues.

iv) Arbutus Corridor Motion (Chris Shelton).

Moved: John

Seconded: Timothy

3. Notices:

Chinatown March on Jan 29 10 AM at Gate.

4. Next Meeting: February 26 at 2 PM

5. Adjourned