Minutes – COPE Executive Meeting – Sunday October 29

In Attendance: Connie Hubbs, Tim Louis, Penny Parry, Jennifer O’Keeffe, Kathryn Cholette, Lawrence Boxall, Wilson Munoz, Yahara Munoz, Anita Romaniuk (minute taker).

  1. Acknowledgement of meeting being held on unceded Coast Salish Lands (Connie)
  2. Adoption of Agenda for Executive Meeting – Moved: Anita, Seconded: Tim, Carried
  3. Committee Reports:
  1. Finance Committee
  1. Moved by Penny, seconded by Tim, that the Executive accept the recommendation of the Finance Committee to accept the following motion:

“That COPE accept the offer of a targeted donation of $1000 from a member for the purpose of providing an honorarium for COPE financial agent John Yano in the amount of $500 immediately and $500 on receiving Elections BC approval of the campaign finance report, subject to the explicit clarification that this not be construed as a precedent for future campaigns”.


  1. Motion: To charge the Policy & Constitution Committee with reviewing the Constitution & Bylaws in order to comply with the new Societies Act legislation, to be completed in time to file with the Registrar by the deadline of November 30, 2018. Moved: Penny, Seconded: Jennifer, Carried
  2. Motion: To ask St. James Community Centre to extend the rent of the office used for the campaign for one month, to allow John to complete the Elections BC report, with instructions to John Yano to negotiate a rent that is substantially less than the current $450/month.

Moved: Anita, Seconded: Jennifer. Vote was 4 in favour, 4 against, Chair voted against to break the tie. Motion failed.

  1. Motion to Receive the Finance Committee report:

Moved: Penny, Seconded: Tim. Carried.

  1. Fundraising Committee: No Report
  2. Membership Report: John Yano was unable to attend the Executive Meeting, but sent the Membership Report by Email. Motion to accept the report:

Moved: Tim, Seconded: Penny, Carried.

  1. Communications Committee: Jennifer. The Committee has not met & has no report.
  2. GMOC: Connie Hubbs advised that the COPE AGM will be on Nov 12 at Holy Trinity Church on West 12th Ave at Hemlock. Registration starts at 1 pm, Meeting at 2 pm. Motion to accept the report Carried.
  3. Equity Committee: No Report
  4. Disability Caucus: No Report
  5. By-Election Report: Connie

Outreach: Phone Bank, leafleting at Farmers Markets & Skytrain stations, contact with 1st Nations, Signs (a bit late).

Outreach to Unions: The Vancouver & District Labour Council did not recommend endorsing our candidate Diana Day. The Vetting Committee cited a DPAC meeting at which Diana was alleged to have said that the collective agreement and union negotiations were an impediment. Diana was not given a chance to respond to the allegations. Joey Hartman to speak to VDLC members making the allegations. Bill Bargeman will attempt to request meetings with VESTA & VSTA about the allegations.

  1. Next Meeting: Date, Time, & Location to be decided once the new Executive has been elected at the AGM.

The meeting was adjourned.