COPE Executive Special Meeting

Municipal By-Election


July 12, 2017 6pm

792 West 24th Ave.

Present: Anita, Connie, John, Wilson, Jennifer, Lawrence, Terry, Yahara, Meena (by phone)

Absent: Tim, Penny, Kathryn, Kombii, Stephen, Timothy O’Keefe

Territory Acknowledgement: Connie

Pre Meeting Presentation by Wendy Pedersen and Mel Lehan on draft Jean Swanson Campaign. Will COPE endorse Jean or run COPE nominated candidates?

Discussion followed

Executive meeting convened

Agenda Approved

Report by Financial Agent – Connie

New Campaign Accounts must be opened for both the Council By-election and the School Board By election if one is held. Same reporting rules are in place for by-election as regular municipal campaigns. Report due 90 days post election (Oct 14)

Finance Report Anita: COPE’s latest balance showed approximately $1,000 out of Line of Credit. However, a number of cheques had not cleared.

Fundraising Report Wilson Fundraising committee decided to cancel July 22 fundraiser due to by-election and find another date available at the Russian Hall.

Political Landscape:

Other electoral organizations

Vision- No nomination yet. Patti Bacchus has expressed interest

NPA No word of candidate

Greens- Rumours re Pete Fry running but no announcement

One City Judy Graves to seek nomination

Draft Jean Swanson

Motion: COPE Nomination meeting to be held Tuesday August 29, 2017 at St James Community Square for council and school board candidates for COPE

Jennifer/John MSC

Note: -The majority of those attending recommended that the Executive not endorse Jean Swanson as a candidate in the upcoming by-election, and to leave it for the membership to decide on nominating or endorsing candidates for Council and School Board.”

Motion: Notice of meeting for nomination in a by election to be shortened to 14 days Jennifer/Terry MSC