COPE Executive MINUTES October 23, 2016

Jim Green Room Four Sisters Housing Coop

PRESENT: Connie (chair), Tim (by phone), Penny (by phone), Anita, John, Sara, Wilson, Jennifer, Timothy, Lawrence, Yahara, Meena, Steven, Gayle (non-voting)

Territorial acknowledgement- 12:00pm

Chair’s remarks: Speakers list Connie’s mechanism for assigning turns to speakers: giving everyone a chance to speak for the first time, before some speak for the second time — ensuring fairness and minimizing cross talking.

Adoption of minutes from Executive Meeting Sept 23, 2016 Tim moved, Sara seconded. Jennifer moved a motion to table (due to a potential accessibility issue for some members), John seconded. All in favour. Carried.

Adoption of Agenda for Executive Meeting Sara moves. Meena seconds Jennifer moves to amend the agenda such that the donation policy be moved to the beginning of the meeting. John seconds. All in favour. Carried. Other additions to the agenda: – Wilson’s announcement. – Gayle’s item: Good and Welfare. – Anita’s letter to the city. To dos from September meeting  Support for a letter from Kits/WPG citizens re translink to federal minister and COPE’s policy re transportation funding (preferring surface level over underground transport) – Lawrence, John and Jennifer to collaborate on this (this To Do has been rolled over from previous meeting) No report. Rolled Over. • Connie and Tim to meet with VDLC leadership Connie reported on a meeting on Sep 25th. Conclusion: We need to be careful in our relationship with organized labour.

John moves we write an apology letter to VDLC regarding rude remark from a COPE Exec member in 2014. Meena seconds. All in favour. • Lawrence will make a connection with BCTF about COPE-BCTF links, financial and otherwise Lawrence has made contact and now needs more information. He will report further development at the next meeting. • Lawrence will work with Communications Cttee on video and filming detail for COPE: Rolled Over.

COMMITTEE REPORTS 1. PCC Gayle: Gayle gives an overview of the Donation Policy which was sent out. Timothy Moves to accept Gayle’s report. Yahara seconds. Connie rules as the chair that the report be received (as opposed to ‘accepted’) so that the Donation Policy can be discussed as a separate motion. Jennifer challenges the chair. Tim takes over as Chair. Established that the acceptance of the donation policy be discussed under the same motion. Connie back to chair. 9 in favour. Penny, Sara, Meena, Anita in opposition. Carries.

2. Housing Committee Sara Motions for the executive 1. that COPE 1) endorse the efforts of the Stop Demoviction campaign in organizing local residents to reject the City of Burnaby’s “Metrotown Downtown Plan” and to resist mass displacement that will ensue the approval of this plan; 2) participate as an endorser in the rally on Nov 12th organized by Stop Demoviction to this end. (See item 1 under actions completed). Sara moves, John seconds. Jennifer makes a friendly amendment that COPE executive writes to the Mayor and Council as well. Anita delegates writing of the letter to Sara, which she accepts. All in favour. Carried. 2. that COPE endorses the efforts of the housing committee in investigating the situation in Grandview-Woodland with respect to the approved community plan and support community actions in that neighbourhood consistent with COPE policy. Sara moves, Anita seconds. All in favour. Carried. Sara moves the acceptance of her report, John seconds. Carried.

1. Communications Committee report – Jennifer Motions for the exec: 1. that the logo on the second page which has been changed without the consent of the committee be changed back to the original logo and background picture and that it be done within this coming week. All in favour. Penny and Tim opposed. Carried. 2. that John be given access to the website as part of his role as the membership secretary. Jennifer moves. Anita seconded. All in favour. Carried. 2. Finance Committee report — tabled. 3. Fundraising Committee report Wilson – tabled.

4. EDOC – tabled.

5. Equity reports – tabled. • Disability: Steven • LGBT: John

6. General Meetings Organizing Committee: Connie Should retreat be held next month? – tabled.

New Business: — tabled. – Wilson’s announcement. – Gayle’s item: Good and Welfare. – Anita’s letter to the city.

Next Executive Meeting November 27 2016

Adjourned: 2:31pm