COPE Executive MINUTES November 27,

2016 2526 West 5th Ave.

PRESENT: Tim (chair), (by phone), Penny, Anita, Wilson, Jennifer, Timothy, Lawrence, Yahara, , Gayle (non-voting)

Wrap up time 2:30 pm

Adoption of Minutes of Sept 23 and Oct 23 2016 executive meetings MSC Noted Hard Copies of both months were surface mailed to S. Lytton who is also able to access FB messenger for information between meetings

To Dos from September Meeting

• Support for a letter from Kits/WPG citizens re translink to federal minister and COPE’s policy re transportation funding (preferring surface level over underground transport) – Lawrence, John and Jennifer to collaborate on this (this To Do has been rolled over from previous meeting) No report. Rolled Over.

• Lawrence will make a connection with BCTF about COPE-BCTF links, financial and otherwise Favourable contact with lower levels of BCTF Less success with higher levels Lawrence has made contact and now needs more information. He will report further development at the next meeting. • Lawrence will work with Communications Cttee on video and filming detail for COPE: Rolled Over. To dos from Oct 23 meeting

• Report on response to flag raising letter: Meena not available to give report but meeting w A. Carr and good response from parts of the Chinese community • Letter to be sent to Burnaby mayor and Council Sara to coordinate: Letter was sent.

• Meeting with CUPE 1004: Connie reported very positive meeting with 1004 political committee. Group identified 2 main issues 1. Recycling now in contract with private provider. Concerns addressed for now. 2. Staff attrition due retiring staff and those that leave not being replaced. Work load heavier for existing staff. Concerns re possible privatization. 1004 is worried about prospect for NPA council and would prefer more unity on the left. Raised issue from 2012 of CUPE members being called scabs by past COPE exec members. Explained that apology though approved by COPE exec may never have been sent. Handed them the current letter of apology. Political committee seemed pleased. • Anita re apology letter to others: Did not send to 391 as they are in negotiations. CUPE 15 meeting not yet set up. Send later. • Response to two motions from Communications Committee Oct 23 Co-Chairs 1. ‘that the logo on the second page which has been changed without the consent of the committee be changed back to the original logo and background picture and that it be done within this coming week.’ Reported back that Current Chair of the Communications Committee had requested the change. Not sure what logo is being requested now. • 2.’that John be given access to the website as part of his role as the membership secretary’. Verified that John has had access to COPE website as an Author and CIVICRM Administrator. (John actually did want current password for Admin account and was given the password.

Committee Reports:

Communications: Jennifer continues to have difficulty changing some images on the COPE site. Wants to put large graphic from main page on all secondary pages. CO Chair Connie provided list of roles on site. All exec members have access. Communications Chair is Theme Manager To Do: Tim to discuss with Jennifer before next meeting. MSC Logo be changed today Communications Committee be authorized to issue press releases MS

Finance: Penny, Timothy MSC ‘No individual or committee may authorize spending money without approval of executive.’ Connie: Use event template for all events

Referred to Jan exec  freom Nov Issues Meeting

Chris Shelton arrived to present his motions referred from the Issues Meeting. Anita/Connie MSC Centerm motion

‘Whereas the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority (“the Port of Vancouver”) desires to “increase the capacity and efficiency of the container terminals”, and Whereas the Port of Vancouver relies heavily on their consultants “Ocean Shipping Consultants 2016: Container Traffic Forecast” which did not predict the bankruptcy of the world’s seventh largest container shipping line, Hanjin Shipping, and Whereas the Port of Vancouver wishes to “convert under-utilized terminals to handle containers”, and Whereas the City of Vancouver went to great expense to prepare the 2008 ‘Project Summary Report for the “False Creek Flats Rail Corridor Strategy”‘ which included the building of the Powell Street overpass, and Whereas the Port of Vancouver is still deciding the rationale for expansion westward or eastward of the Centerm Terminal, and Whereas the Port of Vancouver claims that the siting rationale “is driven by rail connectivity”, and Whereas the north face of the dock could be straightened out to allow for four ships of Panamax dimensions while increasing space for transfer of cargo, therefore Be it resolved that:

1. COPE recommends to the Port of Vanouver that the expansion of the Centerm facilities be a longterm project east and north,

2. That any interswitching of rail lines be resolved by the Canada Transportation Act’s section 127 and 128 MSC Connie/Lawrence

Arbutus Motion Referred to next exec

‘Whereas the City of Vancouver (“the City”) has purchased the CPR’s right of way from False Creek to the Fraser River at the Net Salvage Value of the land as defined by the Canadian Transportation Agency, and Whereas the City already owns land that run alongside this right of way such as the gardens and grass verges, as well as streets like West Boulevard, East Boulevard and other streets, and Whereas the City also owns residential land purchased at fair market value when the City was planning a freeway on the lands noted above, and Whereas this CPR rights of way extend to New Westminster and to Richmond’s Steveston, and Whereas thhe City signed the Agreement to Purchase and Sales between the CPR and gave their undertaking (section 13.1) “the City hereby represents and warrants to the CPR … that … the City intends to operate light rail passenger transit on the lands consistent with the Transportation 2040 Plan adopted by the City’s Council on October 31. 2012, therefore Be it resolved that COPE calls upon the City to plan these lands also known as the Arbutus Corridor, as a regional transportation asset and reserve the newly purchased land for LRT, the verges for gardens and pedestrian sidewalks and the streets for reserved bicycle lanes. ‘

MS Connie/Lawrence PCC and GMOC jointly organize next Issues meeting Referred to Jan meeting

Adjourned 2:30 pm