COPE Executive Meeting Agenda May 28, 2017  

1939 West 2nd Ave,

3pm – 5:30

Voting Members  Present (yes / no)  Non Voting members  Present
(yes / no) 
Connie Hubbs y- chair Gayle Gavin


Tim Louis  


Anita Romaniuk 


Wilson Munoz 

y via phone

Penny Parry y-minute taker
John Yano  


Yahara Munoz

y via phone

Jennifer O’Keefe


Lawrence Boxall Regrets
Timothy O’Keefe


Kathryn Cholette


Terry Martin


Kombii Nanjalah  Regrets    
Steven Lytton 


Meena Wong Regrets    

Territory Acknowledgement -Connie

  1. Adoption of Agenda  msc [Tim, Penny]
  1. Adoption of minutes from executive Meeting April 23, 2017 as amended with one correction of a to-do re the Finance Committee adding budget line for Communications Committee promo material [See below for details] msc [Tim, Penny]
  1. To dos from April meeting:
    • Support for a letter from Kits/WPG citizens re translink to federal minister and COPE’s policy re transportation funding (preferring surface level over underground transport). John and Jennifer to collaborate on this Rollover
    • BCTF press release: ongoing. Rollover
    • Penny will take back to the finance committee for clarification the second half of the original motion
      ‘that all fundraising proceeds be directed to that account with ongoing PAC and membership payments being used to support ongoing expen
      ses and to pay off the line of credit.’Done
    • Agreed that Wilson will resubmit the event proposal for approval via an online vote Done
    • Jennifer to provide the finance committee with cost needs for in-house and/or outside production of promo material . Error in minutes – should have said ‘Finance committe needs to include budget line for communications commitee promo material during non-election years’. Estimate is $500/year with re-evaluation at the end of this year. It should be also noted that there will be a separate campaign budget during the election year. Rollover
    • Cope to register itself as a third party. Connie. Done – our request was declined.

Note: At 3:20 we achieved quorum with Wilson and Yahara joining by phone.

    • Connie will do a doodle for final confirmation that 3pm time works for today’s meeting Item became moot
    • COPE response to NDP climate plan SFU April 25 Jennifer will draft a response Rollover
    • Tim will call Jennifer re COPE materials for the COPE table. Done
    • Jennifer stated she will hold a Communication Committee meeting soon re Housing Twitter Guidelines – to which will be invited the Housing Committee, to discuss the above issue to reach a resolution If a resolution is not reached, the issue will come back to the next executive meeting. (See Communications report) Done
    • Finance Committee to provide plan for storage if COPE office is closed: Penny (See Finance report) Done


4. Committee Reports 

  1. Finance Committee report – Penny Parry
      • Penny moved receipt -carried

      • Office closure plan. There was much discussion.

TL, seconded by Katherine, called the question – defeated

Moved by Timothy, seconded by Penny that the decision be deferred to next executive meeting when we would have more executive members present. Caried 5 for 1 against. [Note: as the Treasurer was the minute taker for this executive meeting, she will begin the discussion of this itme at the next meeting summarizing the key points raised in this meeting..

To do: item to reappear on next executive meeting agenda for final decision.

      • To do: Penny to let Graham, the landlord know of the decision to defer to the next exec meeting and ask if we can rent – at current rent, the office until July 3, and to ask what the new rent would be if we chose to stay on.
      • Penny is not running again for Treasurer so we ask executive to think of someone to fill this position. Penny noted that thanks to Alan the computerized recording system for COPE’s financials is in excellent shape.

Note: Anita joins the meeting at 3:35

  1. Housing report – Anita Romaniuk

Anita gave brief highlights. report received as submitted msc [Anita, Tim]

  1. Communications Committee report – Jennifer O’Keefe

Jennifer summarized her report as submitted. Jennifer moved receipt of the report including the motion within it regarding the Housing Committee and Twitter page. msc Jennifer, Timothy]

To do: Connie willl work on access to 2014 dropbox for the Communications Committee

  1. Fundraising Committee report – Wilson.

Wilson gave some details of next event – promo especially. Wilson stated the expectation that each executive member will sell 10 tickets. He will be following up re donations towards food etc. Wilson moved receipt of the report as submitted. msc. [Wilson, Tim]

To do: Wilson to send Jennifer the details needed for promo of the upcoming fundraising event.

  1. Equity Reports – no reports
  • Disability
  • LGBT
  1. PCC – Gayle – no report
  1. General Meetings Organizing Committee: Connie msc

5. Notices:

      • Connie: carefree event will be organized online

Connie is not running for co-chair again – this is the end of her term

      • Tim is leaving the co-chair position in the fall – this partway through his term. Therefore we need good people to fill these two positions. Anita R and John Y are interested. As these two people currently hold positions on the executive, this opens up two other positions to replace them should they become the co-chairs.

6. Move adjournment

  1. Next Executive Meeting June 25, 2017

8. Adjourn