COPE Executive Minutes for Meeting of March 26, 2017
The meeting achieved quorum [8 present with Anita attending via phone] Wilson, Yahara, Lawrence arrived after meeting was in progress
Regrets:Meena,John, Kombii,Stephen
2. ADOPTION OF AGENDA Moved: Tim L.Seconded: Kathryn Carried as amended
Jennifer added a Motion re Grizzly Trophy Hunt
Anita added ‘follow up on letter regarding Women’s library and transgendered individuals’
3. ADOPTION OF MINUTES from Executive Meeting February 26, 2017 M: Tim S: Penny Carried
Sara has stepped down from the executive
Motion: the Exec thank Sarah for all of her time and good work including the impossible task of taking COPE minutes and we wish her well M: Tim S: Anita Carried
To do: Anita will write to Sara conveying the spirit of this motion
5. TO DOs
Twitter Guidelines: Roll over
Tim updated the executive on progress made to date including the fact that the Housing committee recently passed a motion approving in principle
the Communication Committee’s proposed guidelines with one exception re who would decide who would get a Twitter account the Communications Committee or the Executive wih recommendations from the
Communications and Housing committees.
Jennifer stated she will hold a Communication Committee meeting soon – to which will be invited the Housing Committee, to discuss the above issue to reach a resolution If a resolution isnot reached,
the issue will come back to the next executive meeting.
Support for a letter from Kits/WPG citizens: Done
Support for a letter from Kits/WPG citizens re translink to federal minister and COPE’s policy re transportation funding (preferring surface level over underground transport). John and Jennifer to collaborate on this
BCTF press release: ongoing
Lawrence will make a connection with BCTF about COPE-BCTF links, financial and otherwise
New To Do: Jennifer will check with Lawrence re press release in lieu of letter
Favourable contact with lower levels of BCTF Less success with higher levels Lawrence has made contact and now needs more information. He will report further development
at the next meeting.
Lawrence will work with Communications Cttee on video and filming detail for 
COPE: Rolled over

* Finance Committee
Motion re campaign account:
The motion as put forward in the written Finance Committee report was divided in two as follows:
Amended motion: The Finance Committee recommends to the Executive that a Campaign Account for 2018 be opened as soon as possible.
M: Penny S Tim Carried
To Do: Penny will take back to the finance committee for clarification the second half of the original motion
‘that all fundraising proceeds be directed to that account with ongoing PAC and membership payments being used to support ongoing expenes and to pay off the line of credit.’. Clarify where funding will come
from for upfront costs for fundraisers and for community outreach events which were not planned as fundraisers but will incur some costs.
Motion to receive Finance Committee Report [with motion re campaign account as amended. M: Penny Seconded: Tim Carried

Recommendation from the Finance Committee that the COPE Financials continue to be posted online in the private section of the website with no individual’s names to appear
was accepted. Jennifer’s concerns re privacy for individual members and issues of COPE’s financial status becoming public were recognized.

* Fundraising Committee
Report on upcoming May Salsa event –
Motion: Executive approve that Wilson may spend up to $400 to secure the venue for the “May Salsa” fundraising event and that he may print tickets for the event
[He generously offered to pay for the printing] Moved: Wilson Seconded: Tim Carried
To do: It was agreed that Wilson will resubmit the event proposal for approval via an online vote. Wilson and Jennifer will deal with the communication/promotion of the event.
* Council 
 – no report
* Membership – John provided report prior to meeting
* Housing 
- no report
* GMOC – no report
GBQQPP2S – no report
*Labour -no report
* PCC 
 – no report
* Communications Committee
Motion to receive the Communications report M: Jennifer Seconded: Tim Carried
Provincial Elections:
Motion: Executive approve the proposed circulated content for provincial election lobbying literature. M: Jennifer S: Terry Carried
Motion: The approved proposed content for provincial election lobbying literature noted in the previous motion, to include COPE’s environmental policy information.
, M: Jennifer S: Terry Carried
To Do: Jennifer to provide the finance committee with cost needs for in-house and/or outside production of promo material eg. Flyers re Provincial election, upcoming
fundraising and community outreach events so that, where necessary, the COPE budget may be revised.

2018 Election
Motion: Cope register itself as a third party M: Jennifer S. Terry Carried
Motion: a COPE Campaign Account for the 2018 election be opened as soon as possible with an aim to have the account opened in time that all net revenue from the May fundraising event go into the election account.
*Report from VDLC Gayle and Connie attended the last meeting and reviewed highlights.
* Executive Meeting times to accomodate Kombi’s work schedule
No change in day but time change suggested 3-5:30 Connie will do a doodle for final confirmation.
* COPE response to NDP climate plan SFU April 25
Request from Vancouver EcoSocialists: provide a COPE response to the NDP climate plan.
To Do: Jennifer will draft a response.
* Volunteers for April 29 Climate march Lawrence will volunteer to attend and take photographs. Tim Louis will attend.
*Volunteers for May Day march
To Do: Connie will check date and time and circulate via email

Motion: COPE take a stance against the Grizzley Trophy Hunt M: Jennifer Seconded: Timothy Carried

Recommendation- Re Women’s Library and Transgendered individuals
Anita recommended that we follow the suggestion from the online discussion that those who want to sign as an individual, sign.
Tim L announced the book launch re Asassination of a Saint, April 3 at St. James
Community Square. Asked if COPE wanted a table. Connie volunteered to staff the
To Do: Tim will call Jennifer re COPE materials for the COPE table
Anita announced the Vancouver Granville NDP townhall Tues evening Peretz Centre
March 28 – topic Universial Income.

Thanks to Kathryn for the great location for today’s meeting.