COPE Executive Meeting Minutes Thursday, November 28, 2017

Sitka Square False Creek Coop


Present: Rider Cooey (chair), Connie Hubbs, Aiden Sisler, John Ames, Carol Jerde, Esther Silva, Riaz Behra, Ajantha Dharmanpala, Meena Wong, Anita Romaniuk, John Yano

Regrets: Justine Davidson, Timothy O’Keefe, Kombii Nanjalah, Steven Lytton

Call to order: 7PM | Territory acknowledgement – Ryder

Adoption of Agenda for Executive Meeting: John Y. , include membership & financial agent reports. Moved acceptance Rider, second John A., carried.

Adoption of minutes from Executive Meeting Oct 2017: Moved acceptance Meena, seconded, Rider, carried.

Co-Chair Reports:

Rider: Alliance Against Homelessness – opposing NDP participation in developer luncheon | Coquitlam & Maple Ridge pass motion allowing tent cities.

– National Day of Housing Action march orgsanized by the Vancouver Tenants’ Union – COPE banner present and quite good CTV news coverage.

Connie: Vancouver Tenants’ Union / Downtown Eastside SRO invitation recommendation to policy committee.

– New LEAP Vancouver group: meeting possibilities and policy endorsement(s).

Committee Reports:

Equity – John Y.

MOTION: that COPE participate in pride activities: a marching group in the Pride Parade (cost $700), a table at the Sunset Beach Festival ($725) and at east side pride ($340).

Moved Anita, seconded Connie, carried.

Discussion Black Lives controversy re: last year’s Pride events to be further researched.

Treasury – Carol

MOTION: That a committe be struck to review and prepare for the new Local Election Finance Reform.

Moved Carol, seconded Anita, abstain John Y., carried.

Recommnedation that Anita, Alan Cooper and Carol will compose this group.

MOTION: An ad hoc committee be struck to conduct a comparison of Civi, NationBuilder, and alternatives. TO DO!

Moved Carol, seconded Connie, carried. Connie, Riaz & John Y. volunteering.

Treasury Report. Moved acceptance Carol, seconded Connie, carried.

Finacial Agent – John Y. 2018 election campaign expenses & finacial agent.

MOTION: To elect a finacial agent for 2018, January 1, 2018 start date.

Moved John Y., seconded Anita, carried.

MOTION: That the Exec aprove the following plan for a 2018 Campaign Account:

1. Ensure that the COPE main account has a zero balance on 1 Jan 2018, by pre-paying any non-campaign related expenses (such as storage and scheduled repayments) in advance and/or, if neccessary, opening a supplementary account to hold any balance remaining.
2. Ensure that the Financial Agent for 2018 is a signing officer.
3. Designate the previous general account as the campaign account and record all income as campaign contributions and all expenses as campaign expenses.

Moved Connie, seconded John A., abstained Anita, carried.

MOTION: To retain the St. James finacial office moving forward into 2018.

Moved John Y., seconded Anita, defeated.

Housing Committee – Connie

MOTION: The COPE Housing Committee proposes to the COPE executive that they lobby the Provincial and Municipal governments to ban discriminatory practices in residential building developments that segregate the ‘have’ and ‘have not’, such as by creating rich door/poor door entrances and differential access to amenities.

Moved, Connie, seconded Anita, carried.

Fundraising – Connie

Tim Louis Tribute Dinner & Fundraiser: February 15, 2018, Fraserview Banquet Hall Vancouver, 8240 Fraser St, Vancouver.

GMOC Meetings for 2018: Four General Meetings – Policy Conference / Nominations priorities.

Other Business: n/a

Next Executive Meeting: TBA

Adjourn: 9:15PM