September 23, 2016

Territory acknowledgement- 5:30pm
2526 W 5th ave, Vancouver – door #1

PRESENT: Anita, Yahara, Jennifer, John, Connie, Alan, Penny, Tim, Wilson, Sara, Nate, Marlyn (non-voting), Gayle (non-voting),

• Adoption of Agenda for Executive Meeting
• Adoption of minutes from Executive Meeting August 28, 2016
SARA EDIT TO MINUTES: change “housing cttee guidelines” to “housing twitter guidelines”

To dos from July meeting
• Support for a letter from Kits/WPG citizens re translink to federal minister and COPE’s policy re transportation funding (preferring surface level over underground transport) – Lawrence, John and Jennifer to collaborate on this (this To Do has been rolled over from previous meeting)
• Roll over To Do for Lawrence to contact BCTF (now in Sept).
• Lawrence will join Communications Committee to work on video & filming – ROLL THIS OVER AGAIN

1. Communications Committee report – Jennifer O’Keefe
REPORT RECEIVED (moved by Jennifer, seconded by Connie)
1. Finance Committee report
REPORT RECEIVED (moved by Penny)

MSC to appoint Connie as COPE Financial Agent with Elections BC (moved by Penny, Seconded by Nate)

2. Membership Committee
REPORT RECEIVED (moved by Alan, seconded by Penny)

3. Fundraising Committee report

MOTION: THAT COPE ACCEPT X MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL AND TICKETS (Moved by Connie, seconded by Nate) – Motion tabled until after PCC conversation


5. Housing Committee report
REPORT RECEIVED (moved by Alan, seconded by Connie)
6. General Meetings Organizing Committee: Connie
NOTE: Upcoming AGM, September 29th
ALSO: Issues meeting in the Fall (Sunday Nov 20th), the Exec retreat will be the week after.

Election Preparation Notice APPROVED (MSC)
7. PCC (Gayle)

DONATIONS POLICY (Moved by John, Seconded by Wilson)
Amendments by Alan:
• Insert “knowingly” before the word “accept” in section 4 (MSC)
• Insert the word “large” before “donations” in section 4
• In definition of “donations” change $20 to $250 “or ticket purchases below the level which in an elections year would qualify as reportable donations by Elections BC”
ANITA’s MINUTES FROM LAST PART OF MEETING (Nate had to leave at 8pm)
PCC: Gayle asked if the GMOC Committee has Terms-of-Reference.
Motion from John Yano, seconded by Wilson Munoz: Moved that the PCC be responsible for organizing upcoming Issues Meetings and Policy Conferences. Carried.
Racialized: Imtiaz Popat has resigned. He recommended that Kombii Nanjallah be appointed Chair of this Committee at the AGM. Kombii is willing to take this position, but would like assistance.
LGBT: John Yano reminded us that the AIDS Walk, in which the COPE Executive supported participation, is coming up on Sunday, Sept 25. A participant must raise $150 in order to be admitted free to the entertainment at Malkin Bowl, otherwise they must pay $35. So far only one person has contributed. The link is on-line.
Electoral Reform Motion: To form an Electoral Reform Committee. Moved by Connie Hubbs. Do not have seconder recorded. Carried.
Volunteers for this committee include: Connie, Anita, Wilson
Labour Committee Motion: To (re)form the Labour Committee. Moved by Anita Romaniuk, Seconded by Sara Sagaii. Carried.
Volunteers for this committee include: Gayle, John, Wilson, Sara, Jennifer, Anita
Gayle reminded us that all committees need Terms of Reference.
Motion: That Originating Committees should come up with Terms of Reference for approval within 6 months of formation. Moved: Wilson, Seconded : (Missed this one too). Carried.
New Business:
Motion: That COPE spend up to $50 on sponsored/promoted PR on social media. Moved: John: Seconded: (Missed this one too). Carried.
Motion: That COPE promote COPE policy on Eduardo’s media channel. Moved: Wilson. Seconded: (Missed this one too).
Discussion: Wilson says that Vision has set up its own channel to promote itself in the lead-up to the 2018 election.
Motion carried.