COPE Executive Meeting Minutes
February 26, 2017
2526 W 5th ave, Vancouver – door #1
Present: Sara, Tim, Connie, Penny, Terry, Wilson, Yahara, Gayle, Jennifer (until 3:0),
Timothy, Lawrence, Anita
Regrets: Kathryn, Kombii, John, Meena
Call to order and territorial acknowledgement: 2:10
Resolution of todos from January meeting:
Wilson – Flesh Out Fundraising Plan with Calendar – Done.
Chinatown Development Op-Ed – still pending due to main source person (Meena) being
indisposed. Various members of Housing & Communications Committee seeking other
sources. Anita moves that it be referred to the Housing Committee.
Seconded andCarried
Pride Event Organization – John volunteered, not done because he is busy with the
Provincial election. It will most likely be done after May 9.
Robert’s Rules should be included in meeting announcements. Lawrence has already
prepared the text.
Press Release on Broadway Corridor – Jennifer. Done.
Aquarium Motion at Park Board on Jan 23.  Anita to write letter to PB on behalf of
COPE.  Done that same evening (20170122). Park Board referred motion to staff.  Report
from staff came back last week & there are public hearings March 8 & 9.  Anita has
signed up to speak on March 9.
Petition on Broadway Corridor – need to get more info from E-Chris.  Anita sent info to
Gayle Gavin of PCC before February Meeting.
Adoption of Agenda for Executive Meeting
Connie moves the adoption of the agenda, seconded. Carried.
Modifications: items #16 and #17 moved to before the Todos.
Two items added
Book launch, assassination of a Saint, on Apr 3rd
Open House tomorrow about a development at 45th and Arbutus
Proposed wrap up time
Connie moves that as a standard practice the exec meetings always be 2.5 hours. Penny
seconds. Carried
Adoption of minutes from Executive Meeting January 2017
Connie moves, Wilson seconds. Carried.
1. Report from VDLC (Connie)
Joey Hartman stepping down end of this year.
Whereas the Municipal election is in October next year rather than November and the
VDLC will be endorsing candidates on the first week of September, Connie moves that
COPE hold the nomination congress no later than June 15th, 2018. Seconded by Sara.
Wilson moves an amendment to change June to April (not friendly). Timothy seconds. 3 in
favour. Amendment defeated.
Vote on the motion: majority in favour. Carries.
2. COPE activities in the Provincial Election (Gayle)
Jennifer moves that we spend 20 minutes to discuss Gayle’s report from the PCC on COPE’s
involvement in the Provincial Election. Timothy seconds.
Vote on the motion: 5 in favour, 5 opposing. The chair votes against the motion and breaks
the tie. Motion defeated
Lawrence moves to strike a sub-committee to be populated by volunteers to be empowere
to work on this matter right away, Penny seconds. Wilson amends that it be referred not to a
new subcommittee but to the PCC and the CC committee. Friendly.
Majority in favour Carries
1. Communications Committee report – Jennifer – received.
2. Finance Committee report – Penny – received.
Penny will send the link to review January financials as soon as it’s ready.
It is referred to the finance committee whether or not it should be posted online in
consideration for security of COPE’s financial information and the privacy of the
membership that we refrain from posting on private pages of WordPress as it can be
hacked and compromised.
3. Fundraising Committee report – Wilson – received.
Wilson presented his fundraising plan (emailed).
Connie moves that the fundraiser arranges a pitch at every general meeting or arrange
for somebody to do so and include it in the fundraising plan. Penny seconds. M/S/C
4. Housing Committee – Sara – received.
Tim moves that the Twitter guidelines for the housing committee be produced by the
appropriate people before the next exec meeting, if it doesn’t happen Tim volunteers
to help prepare them, Timothy seconds.
Sara amends that “appropriate people” be replaced by “representatives of the
communication and the housing committee”.
Also amends that they “discuss the existing guidelines and the draft of the guidelines
from the housing committee and come up with a final version” – friendly.
MSC Carried
Wilson gives a report on the monthly housing rallies at the city hall.
Connie: We should re-examine the strategy of holding equity plenaries before every
general meeting. Because people have not been showing up to them.
6. Equity Reports – Not present.
7 PCC – Gayle – received.
8. General Meetings Organizing Committee: Connie – 2017 dates of
membership meetings (Exec members reminded to advise as to any dates that
would not work in 2017)
Connie moves that the next GM be scheduled after May 9th (and before the end of
May and not clashing with the May fundraiser). Seconded and carried.
Can we have meetings on Saturday instead of Sunday?
9. Wilson’s Fundraising plan for 2017 – dealt with under Wilson’s report.
10. Letter in support of Venezuela – Wilson
Terry moves that the letter be sent out (the final version was sent out today). Anita
seconds. Connie makes a friendly amendment to remove the VDLC recipient from the
list. Carries
Anita will fix some aesthetic issues and take it to Tim’s office for his signature.
12. motion for COPE to participate in the Climate Convergence March April 29
Connie moves that COPE has an official presence at the international day on climate
convergence. Wilson seconds. Carries.
13. Proposed executive meeting dates for 2017 February 26 March 26 April 23
May 28 June 25 July 23 August 27 September 24 October 29 November 26
December No meeting
The next meeting will be on March 26th at 11am.
14. Open Letter in support of Trans-Women and Sex Workers
Anita moves that we endorse the letter, Yahara seconds. Anita withdraws the motion
after discussion.
Sara moves that we draft a letter in response asking for more information and
highlighting some of our concerns. Connie seconds.
Motion carried. Anita and Sara to write the letter.
15. Start time for Exec meetings
Decided that every meeting except for March 26th will be at 1pm.
16. Request from Langara NDP
Anita moves to allow a group from Langara NDP to use our button maker in the
presence of Anita (one-time use). Seconded by Terry. Carried.
Other Business:
Book Launch on April 3rd
Tim moves to endorse the April 3rd book launch of the book “Assassination of a
Saint”, and COPE publicize this event and that COPE have a table at the event.
Lawrence seconds. Carried.
Terry moves extension of the meeting for 5 minutes. Seconded and Carried.
Open House at Kerrisdale tomorrow about a development (ask Terry for more
information) Ryerson United Church.
Terry moves that COPE supports this event. Connie seconds. Carried.
Terry moves, Sara seconds that everyone who can attend do it and report back to the
executive. Carried.
Next Executive Meeting: 26th March 2017, 12 noon
Adjourned: 4:34pm